A wish for snow … and snowflake kisses!


What is it about the first fall of snow?

Can’t quite explain but it is a most magical feeling. According to the weather forecast it’s falling everywhere near where I live (even on WordPress – lol) but not here. Sigh!



snowflake kissesJournal Entry ~ It is night outside, right now as I write this. Very dark outside. Overcast. No moon glow, justΒ cold and windy and no snow. But if I were to step outside, right this very minute and begin to see snow falling, slowly at first and then faster and in ever thickening delicate Β flakes and swirls – I know my heart would sing. I would feel a lightness to my being and a joy that this wetness sticking to my hair and face was giving me “mother nature” kisses of love. I would be most happy for this event. ~


End Journal entry ~ 12-07-12 plh


(I’ve always felt that the very best time for it to snow is during the holiday season. Unless you have to drive in it of course lol – Still …) I will stay hopeful. Everyone be safe, warm and filled with festive thoughts this day and all the month long.

Thank you for your visit!

~ Penny

24 thoughts on “A wish for snow … and snowflake kisses!

  1. I always loved snow and the fact that I’ve been born on the first snow of the year might have been a helpful poke towards my favorite thing, snow.

    I’m sure the fuzzy snow flakes will visit you soon, Penny πŸ™‚

    And writing about snow, I’m glad I found your blog. I’m off to poke around it.

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  3. Living as we do now, we avoid the snow but I know what you mean. Stepping out into that first snow, with everything scrubbed clean and a quieting blanket laid down, a meditative feeling settles over me. When we spent a couple of years in Yellowstone winter was a magical time and snow was always in abundance. πŸ™‚

  4. I love it when it snows. We had a brief snow on a Friday about a month ago. A few years ago on December 7th we had 18″ overnight. Our average snowfall is about 11″. I am patiently waiting,,,and waiting…and waiting…There is nothing like the kiss of the snowflake! Hugs my dear friend – B

  5. Dear Penny,
    You write in such a beautiful style that it gives me a feel of the season. I’ve never experienced snowfall ever as it doesn’t snow here in Mumbai. The picture you shared is so welcoming and makes me want to stand under the snow-showering sky. Perhaps, someday!

    You too enjoy the blissful snow-filled festive season Penny.


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