Life is Short …

going for it.

Going for it!


Live Wide, my friends … Live Wide!


penny l howeJournal Entry ~

The thought crossed my mind today that if we enjoyed what was right in front of us, in the moment, each day, we would probably be much happier instead of constantly searching for and coveting the next newer, better, bigger, greater thing. Only to remember to enjoy each of these moments with great gusto!

End Journal Entry – plh, 12-07-12


The actual quote “Live is short live wide” is by one of my favorite science fiction authors, Robert Heinlein.  I have always thought it an excellent quote for how we embrace each day with our thinking and actions. Hope yours is filled with such happy thoughts and that your weekend is a special one. Thank you for visiting me,

~ Penny

22 thoughts on “Life is Short …

  1. Lukily you have many clean beautiful blogs to help rid of bad memories. Gonna have to read few more before going to bed. Oh, and I hope you have a better day tomorrow 🙂 Keep in mind some of your readers have hard time dealing with your bad day.

    • I have an advantage. On my down days I turn inward. My mind within expands itself and I find I can work my way my through the troubled dark areas to the other side, it comes in handy! Just a different way to Image, people like Tiger Woods (re: golf lol) have done this for years successfully. Be the ball Chris … be the ball! 🙂

      • lol&lol. Great, thanks for the microscope memory now. Would you believe the Caddyshack bluray went on sale for $4.99 about 1week after I purchased it for retail price 😦 Some people just can’t catch the right
        I know what you mean about working your way through dark areas to the other side. I think lot of competitors call that ‘being in the zone’ 🙂

  2. How true ~ just to be in the moment and appreciate it! That is the challenge… and then of course, to hope all our loved ones could do this along with us so we are all in it together… not always easy…but for me it’s the best strategy!! Thank you dear Penny!! xo Love to you – this moment!!!

    • Right back at you! Sending much love your way, I do agree with you Robyn, these things are always a challenge but then that is the way of things, which we know and believe, and carries us through. 🙂

  3. ok now i want watermelon!!! I am fighting stomach flu…caught it from Pastors wife when I took food to the family I am sure , but the watermelon would be cool to my feverish body. thanks for the refreshing look of the fruit…now I am sending daughter to find me frozen fruit. LOL (((xx)))

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