Clouds have a fan club – Who knew?

Clouds in the Evening Sky

Clouds in the Evening Sky

I consider clouds fascinating, I took this photo a few months ago here in Washington State. But apparently clouds are much more fascinating than I knew! There is a “Cloud Appreciation Society”. Now that is interesting!



Hope you enjoyed the video, I found it very intriguing!

~ Penny

penny l howe

33 thoughts on “Clouds have a fan club – Who knew?

    • All of the poems are beautiful Sharla, filled with the wonders of enjoying nature’s changes. The cotton candy clouds is especially nice and the photo suits the name perfectly. Thank you my friend, hope all is going well for you during this holiday season. sending love and affection your way this day, Penny xx

  1. Beautiful!! Isn’t it funny the fascination with clouds? I remember as a child (yes I was one, when dinos walked the earth) we would lie in the grass and describe the shapes of clouds and continue to do so as adults. the fascination is remarkable.
    Have a beautiful, blessed, blogging week my friend ..Love and hugs (((xx)))

  2. Thanks Penny ….I will be on line to join the cloud fan club!! Such an interesting bit of information here… clouds are fascinating indeed ~ can watch them for hours!! Love to you dearest friend ~ xo

    • Quite by accident found this one. Was fascinated by the article. Clouds have changed many of their formations haven’t they. You know what Robyn, I have a hunch most human are cloud watchers. A never ending canvas of changing textures and designs. Anything new on the horizon for you (snuck that one in didn’t I lol)? Much much love and affection to you dearest friend, Penny xxoxx

  3. Wow!!!! I had no idea there’s a Cloud Appreciation Society!!!! I go for that!
    I can sit and watch them for hours [surprise surprise!]
    Thank you so much for this sweet Penny!

  4. I can understand why clouds have an appreciation society. They are wonderful to see. I am forever photographing them. The way they look, the colouring it’s all very … pretty – and foreboding. I do like the look of the new wave cloud though. Would be cool to snap some of thise.

    Thanks for sharing this Penny.

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