The Love Sampler of Life.

love sampler

Appetizing love.

The greatest thing ever, also the most complicated, also at times the hardest to understand.

Is Love free?

Love comes packaged in a wide variety of ways. Little loves, big loves, first loves, affectionate loves, caringcontainer of love loves, seductive loves, people loves, animal loves, love of things, love of yourself, love of life.

Do they all come with a price tag?

Is there any love out there that comes without a price? Not really.

The price you pay for giving true unconditional love, for example, is opening your heart so wide that your character stretches in all directions and you are not blinded by valueless meanings.

To Love and be loved.

Do we come prepared to pay the price?

How about long lasting love? The price for this is learning to give and take in the relationship with both partners involved in this exchange. Recognizing both the (perceived perhaps) shortcomings of the other as shoppingwell as the positives. Each partner gives the other partner room to grow individually as a human being while being there to share in the ups and downs, good and bad.

And what of ourselves is there a price to be paid for loving ourselves. Yes! Looking in the mirror of our life and accepting ourselves for who we are and the value we inherently have as our very own unique and special self!

So do we understand what Love is?

Really? Do we? Are our hearts open? Are we stretching our character and growing as a human being and are we embracing ourselves for who we are so we can in turn embrace others?

Are you sampling, tasting, stretching, growing, giving, loving? Are you?

I hope so ~ I really do!

Thanks for visiting me, I wish your week ahead to be a good one and that you take just a little time for yourself during the extra busy week ahead!

~ Penny

26 thoughts on “The Love Sampler of Life.

  1. It is not difficult to see how large our hearts truly can grow when we read your posts and see how much love you have for all in this beautiful world. Much love and blessings to you dear friend.

    • Thank you LuAnn. I do so cherish my friendship with you, sending my love and hugs to you and please give your wonderful partner a Christmas hug from me also dear and special friend! Penny xox

    • Thanks Robyn, I hope the festivities aren’t being too much for you dear friend? I’m a little bit stressed but all for the good, just need a few more hours every day! lol Much love to you this day! πŸ™‚ xxoxx

  2. Unconditional and always good! Like the smile you give a stranger in the street, a stroke you give to a stray dog or the silent hug with your loved one. You don’t expect something back, do you?!
    You know so much better my dear Penny, as you do that ALL the time!
    Love [capital L]

    • Give love Leonaa ~ give and it returns to you (sometimes not right away, and sometimes in the most surprising ways)! Meanwhile don’t focus on the wanting of love, focus on the giving of love, with little things – to yourself and all living things and people that are around you, as you can. Love will come to you! Be grateful with a grace of loving. I send to you my love this day and wish for you much more ~ most sincerely and with affection, Penny

      • Thank you, Penny. I do try to give without a return wish for my help and love but it sometimes get’s tricky. Won’t bore you with life fairytails. Just wanted to say thanks for blogging really. Your posts and comments are always warm, inspiring and helpful.

        • Yes I know well about life’s fairytales. I raised my children as a single woman and bad things kept happening, I was alone with no help through most of it but I survived and learned some important lessons. So I write about what I believe and hope it is of some small help. Thank you for your compliments. You sound like a survivor to me also, I do wish you much love Leonaa ~ Penny xx

    • Thank you so much. We are such a “price tag” oriented society, I thought about an approach of discussing love from that perspective. Wasn’t sure how people would view it though πŸ™‚ so I do appreciate your compliment, thanks again, hope Santa is going to be wonderful to you this year, with much affection, Penny xx

  3. Thanks for pointing out that we DO pay a price when we choose to love. The more we pay, the more we get. Great insight that we need to think about from time to time.

    • Thank you Teresa, it is a different perspective. Don’t you think many tend to focus on the price of things today? and I believe you are correct, nothing good in life comes without some type of work on our part, thanks again, hope all is going well for you during this festive time of year! Penny πŸ™‚

  4. I once nibbled the bottom from each candy in a two pound box of chocolates to see the flavors. I was oh, so little. Now I am big (!) and still sample…LIFE!

    • Nibbling is good Alice and still sampling life is great! Sending warmth and affection your way, hope all is well for you this time of year! With love and affection, your friend, Penny xx

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