Resolution Solution

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It’s just about the time of year when once again people start talking about New Year resolutions – things that they are going to change or improve upon. I have always been fascinated by this.

It’s a great deal like buying an expensive piece of exercise equipment and then it just sits there in thesuccess two corner and varied excuses start happening for all the reasons why the equipment isn’t being used.

Resolutions to improve your life only work if you follow through. Easy to have good intentions, easy to make a list – quite a bit harder to get the job done. As it is for most worthwhile things in life!

So here’s a solution for your New Year’s Resolution – if you’re making any that is.Β 

Dream big, but resolve to have a short list that is doable, small steps (successes) added to more small steps (successes) lead to remarkable goals being achieved.

Your New Years Resolution: Small List – Big Determination.

It works!


Success three

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success … but significance! Then even the small steps along your path will take on greater meaning!” ~ Markesa Yeager


“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.” ~ William R Inge


Thanks for visiting, enjoy the last few days of 2012

~ Penny


43 thoughts on “Resolution Solution

  1. I nixed the New Year’s Resolutions some time ago, deciding that reflecting on a much more regular basis about what is important and what I need to change in my life works better for me. I see too many people set themselves up for failure by creating an aggressive list of resolutions at the end of the year that were not attainable.

  2. Hi! Penny…sorry I’ve been away for awhile…I’m back! I’m so happy for new years! It’s going to be amazing. I’m thankful for this year meeting you and all other poets and learned so much from. πŸ™‚

    My new years resolution will be to evolve from my writing and reach higher that no man has ever reached before.

    Say, do you have skype?

  3. Hi Penny,
    no resolutions for me this time round. I’v’e decided i’m going to leave that to others this year:-)
    Hope you all had a great christmas, and have a fantastic New year for all the family!
    Lots of love n hugs

    • Hi Nick, I hope you had an excellent Christmas and that you and your family also have the best ever New Year. You are much loved, thank you so much for your good wishes to all of us, Penny xox

  4. I usually make one resolution and then break it instantly even before I have finished making it. That is “I will not make any new years resolutions” πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though I did make one at the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012, and that was to cut down on my swearing, and I have done that.

  5. I was thinking about the resolutions!! I had the same thoughts. I totally agree with you that we should have a shortlist with a large determination!!! Thank you for the remainder!!!

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