31 thoughts on “One Year is 525,600 minutes – fill it with love!

  1. In this festive evening sleigh let you bring the best wishes of happiness :joy, love and happiness.May happiness and blessings to you and forever stop by and follow .HAPPY NEW YEAR

    • Thank you so much Stefan. Much joy and love to you. It has been amazingly busy for me this past month but I do so wish you well dearest friend of mine! Happy New Year!

  2. Dear Penny! – Thank you for starting my New Year off with this beautiful song – I love it a lot and know it from the musical “Rent” which is one of my favourite musicals/ theatric performances, ever.

    Once more a Happy New One, Penny! πŸ™‚

    • Nah, although Al Capone did serve some time at “The Rock” which I believe you visited recently so I can understand your confusion! Possibly Al sang a cappella with a group of fellow cellmates – probably not tenor though! πŸ™‚

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