What Inspires me …

Universe - Life

Universe – Life

Tina J.S.-Music is My Life, asked me today in the comment section about what inspired me? So this Post is for you Tina.

Love inspires me. Beauty inspires me. Bravery inspires me. The human spirit of never giving up inspires caringme. Tenderness inspires me. Happiness inspires me. Caring people making a difference inspires me. Thoughtfulness inspires me.

ForestA smile inspires me. A mother and/or father caring for their family inspires me. Children Inspire me. The aged and elderly inspire me. a young adult woman or man just starting to explore their world inspires me.

The changing seasons inspire me. Nature inspires me. Animals inspire me.

LIFE, Tina!

Life inspires me!

For some reason, unknown to me, I’ve had more close calls with death than any 10 people I know.Up never give upclose and personal close calls where I thought there would be no tomorrow. And I’ve dealt with pain and surgeries and months, years of coping with same. Raising children as a single mom and messing little girlup again and again sometimes making very poor decisions in the process.

My life experiences shaped who I am. And who I am is just one person, a female who has survived and is very grateful for every morning that I wake up and there is a new day to be in. I take nothing for granted but am hopeful that something that I say or do can positively impact others.

My way of saying “Thank you” to the universe for allowing me to live another day, somtimes in the face of great adversity. So Tina, in summation …

I am inspired by Life, love and all people (without exception) who are each very special and unique – just like you Tina,

With much love,


All life – Sacred and Wonderful!


I thank with all my heart, every single blogger that enriches my life everyday sharing with me so many of the things that I love.

~ Penny

31 thoughts on “What Inspires me …

    • Hi Robyn, so nice to be speaking with you. My time has been insanely busy, mostly in a good way, still would wish for a little more time online my most bestest friend! Hope your New Years started out well for you. Any updates on the socket scenerio? (that’s an interest turn of phrase isn’t it), You are frequently in my thoughts and I have been thinking in positive terms for that which you cope with daily. I am wishing/sending vibes for good news from you! Much love to you in this New Year where wonderful things are going to happen! Penny xoxoxox

    • Thanks, It’s funny when I get asked that question, about what inspires me, it usually is other people and what I see them accomplishing. Makes me feel good to be a member of the human race during those moments! 🙂 xox

  1. wow wow wow, your words, spirits and thoughts are greaaaaaat … hats off to you Penny … thanks for all the uplifting thoughts and courageous spirit … thank you…
    Wish you a happy new year full of fun, health, wealth and happiness.

    • Thank you Valerie. I know you understand this well my friend! Always about our choices during life’s learning experiences isn’t it! Hope your 2013 is starting out great for you!

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