Be Gentle Be Kindly …

wild flowers

Be gentle be kindly

Though the world’s harshly made,

Be loving and giving

Through life’s piteous parade.


Walk softly serenely

Through tempests of strain,

Sing sweetly and softly

Shed your tears in the rain.


Stand proudly and bravely

In spite of your fear,

Laugh loudly, live fully

‘Tis Life you must bear!

~ Penny L Howe


Thank your for you visit,


Copyright Β© 2012 by Penny l Howe

36 thoughts on “Be Gentle Be Kindly …

  1. Beautiful poetry Penny. As always — lessons inherent in all your expressions ~ Accepting all of life with grace — this is the challenge but also the gift. Love to you dearest friend ~ xo Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn, wasn’t sure if I got what I was thinking right. Just sort of poured out of me last night. Good to know it worked, have an excellent afternoon and evening dearest one! Always with love to you, Penny xx

    • Thank you Bill. I really appreciate your comments. Sometimes I think a thought and am not sure if I’ve said it the way I meant it to be. Your words are a balm, again my sincere thanks.

      • Oops, I was thinking of another person when I wrote this, afterwards I realized you weren’t “he” of course, My sincere apologies. I am hopeful that this year brings you much peace. It does take years (to my way of thinking) for some of us, when loss is involved. Happy memories light the way, and wonderful moments that occur which are seemly unexplainable – but precious none-the-less. Sincere wishes for your New Year to be all it can for you! Penny

  2. Penny, this is so beautiful; it brings my heart to a lovely restful place. It reminds me of a Buddhist saying I heard. ” Walk gently on the earth, be kindly to others, perhaps you will be invited to return.”

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your words, sometimes when I write something it seems like the thing to say but then I worry if it will be well received, so again my sincere thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, Penny… no words.
    I’ll just describe my expression after reading your beautiful poem:
    blissfully happy and full with eyes gazing out the window to the sky! I sigh!
    sweet dreams!

  4. “Shed your tears in the rain.” Actually I have thought about this many times over the years. Most of my saddest experiences have been accompanied by heavy rainstorm and I wondered if the world was crying with me in lament. Happened too many times to be coincidental.

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