Life’s lesson #4 ~ The people in your life’s experiences …

life experiences~

…shape who you are and who you’ll become.



Experience life, remember it belongs to you. Yours to do with it what you will. So make the most of it, this day and tomorrow and the next day and …

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~ Penny


22 thoughts on “Life’s lesson #4 ~ The people in your life’s experiences …

  1. Remarkable wonderful video Penny ! Than you so much dear angel for finding and sharing this — so much truth here — absolutely words to live by! Love to you sweet friend ~ Robyn

  2. I did find that bit that I was looking for, but I had already found it before and posted it on my blog so didn’t see the point of spamming you with something you have probably already read.

  3. Penny, I don’t know how to decribe it, you are wonderful, …..this is such a great post… this video… the warm and beautiful music and the so great and true words. It makes me all emotional, it is beautiful. I found it on youtube and put it into my favourites so I can read it everyday , and when I am in need of it. Have a very tight warm hug from me, wished I could really give you one…You are a star which shines always!

    • Thank you Ute, it is a very good video isn’t it! Yes I also would like a real hug too, I will close my eyes and feel this one from you! Again thanks my dear and special friend!

  4. That video moved me so much, almost to tears. How this fall upon you I will never know, but thank you Penny for finding them.

    Now I have to see if my post is still available on the wayback machine that said almost the same thing as that video does.

    Thank you for sharing

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