Be yourself and be happy … you deserve it!

Be happy

So here’s the thing. if one wants to be Happy.

One Simply Is!

A state of mind!

No reference point,

Just be Happy.

To put it into perspective. Every day the one constant in your life is … You! The one person who should hold the most sway over your thoughts is you! Not someone else!

Your emotions, well that’s something else again. Do you know how quickly we (humans) go to an emotional place? Speed of light quickness! Think on that for a few minutes. If we allow it to happen others can quickly derail our good intentions to have a good day. So remember who is in charge of you!

Make the most of your day, and while you are busy thinking of others remember to be good to yourself too! You deserve it, after all!

Thank you for your visit, have a happy day today and a better one tomorrow!

~ Penny


25 thoughts on “Be yourself and be happy … you deserve it!

  1. Beautiful collection of quotes dearest Penny. And as aways a super meaningful post — thank you!!
    So much more fun to “be happy” then not — just makes so much sense to me to make this choice for ourselves… Loved this ~ xxooo Hugs to you this evening ~ Robyn

  2. AnElephantCant avoid being happy
    Though he is not always sure he deserves it
    Perhaps it’s the way
    He approaches each day
    He meanders round the world and observes it

    Most people he meets are quite pleasant
    Although some others are totally frightful
    But the whole human race
    Puts a smile on his face
    Because in general they are pretty delightful

  3. Although we can be happy, sometimes it takes some else to come along and remind you of that. We sometimes forget to include our own happiness as we are trying to make other people happy. Some people get happiness from making other people happy.

    I like to think that our happiness is like a glowstone. The happier we are, the more it glows and the more other people feel the glow which in turn makes them happy. If this happiness can be placed at specific places, it can spread around the world. By my being happy in a certain place, it can cause that happiness to reach you and your family. Which in turn could make people from Peru happy, make people from India happy, make people from Scotland happy, maybe (but no guarantees here) even make people from Siberia happy.

    A little happiness truly can go a long way,

    Sorry, I seem to have hijacked your post again (but be happy anyway)

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