Fiscal Pickle – The Gorilla and Elephant in the Room!

Fiscal PickleFiscal Pickle

“Hello politicians everywhere! Don’t even think about looking at me for a solution to this mess. I may be the Gorilla in the room, but you’ve gotten so oblivious to the obvious that it’s your fiscal pickle! You’re on your own!”elephant in the room

“You figure it out.”

“I’m going to go hang with the Elephant in the room, actually he’s in the U.K. but you can’t see him either, so we can have a ball laughing at you guys going over the cliff in a barrel.The Fiscal Cliff that is!”

“Just like those enlightened and intellectual individuals who have attempted to do so at various times over there at Niagara Falls.”

“Oh joy three different metaphors here. But to the point: Even if you “got” any of the metaphoric idioms presented here would you even know what to do about the problem?”

“Don’t answer. Let me live not only invisible but in blissful ignorance too!”


220px-Annie_TaylorA brief political statement here, which isn’t something I usually do, but I take full responsibility for the contents of this message because I do see the gorilla and the elephant in the room (the ones clearly invisible to all politicians) and I most certainly would not go over the cliff in a barrel), but then that’s just me an ordinary citizen of this country trying to figure out when it’s going to dawn on our politicians that they should be more concerned with what the word Fiscal Responsibilityย means.


Thank you,

Penny L Howe, January 5, 2013


22 thoughts on “Fiscal Pickle – The Gorilla and Elephant in the Room!

  1. how interesting that you and hugh used elephants in your posts this week!

    we’re getting more rain, and i’m painting a lot…. you’ve had several posts that deserve more than a ‘like’ from me, though deep right-brained painting and writing don’t blend well for me. i come to the computer and am foggy as someone one drugs! doesn’t make for easy conversation.

    i should probably share this in a post. for now, it’s back downstairs to the painting!


  2. I just hope there is a trampoline at the foot of that cliff. My kids still need me.
    Seriously though – this needs to get sorted out. Egos taking over – & common sense out the door is getting us nowhere.

    • Yes they do need us (the children) and I’m hopeful that the collective “egos” turn into collective “wisdom” or at the least a realization of what needs to begin happening, Now!

  3. I don’t do political either Penny but am very concerned about the state of our country. I am sorely disappointed in all our politicians, whose egos seem to get in the way of what is right and good for all of us.

  4. Nice one. Things always have to get bad before they get better. Sigh… I know you don’t usually do political but it just goes to show what is on the collective mind and that we can still try to lift collective hearts… or at least them know we are on the earth together… whatever may come…

  5. AnElephantCant fit in a barrel
    And he doesn’t want to go over a cliff
    He can’t comment on the USA
    But back home in the UK
    The politicians would make more sense in hieroglyphs

    And re AnElephant’s recent blog on collective nouns, may he humbly suggest a poo of politicians?

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