Just one more time … you can get back up!


Yes you can!

And it’s not just hard …

Sometimes it’s “friggin” impossible!

So why should you bother? Because. Just because – that’s what life is about. It isn’t easy but it is worth the extra effort, come what may. The human spirit, the human soul. The need to live, to experience – to be!

“Remember it’s only impossible … until you decide it isn’t”

Through the pain, through the tears, through the suffering, through the agony, through the never ending onslaught of loneliness and hurt.



You can do it.

Get up!

Just one more time!


the hopeful heart


Yes you can!

Β Live!


~ Penny


35 thoughts on “Just one more time … you can get back up!

    • I forgot to add unless you trip in the process lol (which I did a few weeks before Christmas falling backwards – luckily no damage, just a sore back for awhile.) πŸ™‚ xx

      • And I thought I was a klutz! Were you laid up for awhile? The last time I fell over backwards was in Yellowstone when I slipped on the ice and instinctively brought my hands behind me to break my fall. I walked away with a broken wrist on my dominant side and a bad sprain on the other…one casted and one wrapped. I was comic relief for the office for awhile. Hope you are well now Penny.

        • I was amazingly lucky because I didn’t have a chance to grab anything or catch myself so my spine connected solidly with the edge of a coffee table, klutz indeed. My doctor was actually surprised (he usually is) because although it was swollen and bruised, nothing more! Yes I’m great now, thanks for asking LuAnn! πŸ™‚

  1. Inspiring Penny ~ thank you dear friend – we all need a little boost sometimes — bet this wll reach a lot of people who will benefit from your encouragement today – I did!! xxoo

  2. when I got to the part of “Get up!” my heart just froze. I instantly pictured my mother raising her fist in anger as I’m about to miss my high school bus in the morning.lol

  3. Very true – sometimes you just have to make yourself. I wonder, for myself at least, whether the really hard times (and I have had some) are just so awful that the only thing to do is get on with it and just make it work and in fact it’s harder when you are just feeling low for no particular reason….

    Thank you for the positivity of this post πŸ™‚

  4. I have always told my girls …if your going to fall try to fall face up makes it so much easier to get back up and face what made you fall in the first place. As women I think we fall more than men but believe it is because our duties in life are so much heavier, and we get back up without giving up becasue of the strength we attain from each struggle (burden)

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