A Force of Nature … our thoughts, our actions!

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force of nature

The other day I wrote about loneliness from the perspective of being elemental (related/comparing to an element of nature).

I suggested that perhaps we are ourselves of an elemental nature and our emotions and passions reflect hthis.

So for example if I said I was listless, bored, indifferent how might you view that in terms of nature and it’s elements. Would there be a specific terrain (locale)? Would one of the four basic elements be involved? Would there be … motion!

Yes! Often motion is a key to most things isn’t it? And if one is motionless, then that also is suggestive (the calm before the storm, the stillness of the night).

So are we then … a force of nature? Certainly if we want to be, and some more than others but we all have the capability within ourselves. And if so … are we directly or indirectly connecting with nature itself?

I’m guessing the answer is yes!




He came silently in the calm before the breaking dawn.

masterful in his movements,

Silent, no one heard his approach.

She lay still in her bed, stirring slightly.

The air was thick, she was sweaty and pushed back the blankets covering her,

Something, there was something, her breathing quickened

She pushed the damp strands of her hair away and turned her face towards the pillow.

Semi-asleep she was in a state of not indifference but of otherness.

Aware, yet unaware.


She had retired late in the evening

Allowing herself to wallow in empty unknowing.

Not despair as much as feeling listless,

needing something but indifferent to life and it’s offerings.

There was something missing deep inside her.


He had come for a purposenight6

He had but one thought that had taken root one day,

One motive, one desire.

As the dampness of morning closed about him

the chill vapor from the river cooled his fevered brow.


He approached her dwelling.

The air already dense with his longing,

grew even richer and heavier with his need.

Soon the sun would emerge to

chase away the shadows where he had moved so quietly from within.

He must make his move.


night 7The door to her house slammed open.

The walls shuddered.

She sat up, clutching her bedding close about her.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw him standing there.

The look of intensity in his eyes burned her soul.

“I am here”, he said

striding determinedly to her bedside and gathering her up into his arms.

… For you!”


Okay, did you feel the blending of emotions, nature’s elements with human motions and actions? Did you catch them all? Hope you enjoyed this elemental story of love!

~ Penny


20 thoughts on “A Force of Nature … our thoughts, our actions!

  1. Nature is a great influencer, but i always wonder how much we can influence it with our outlook, either way the powerful clash of the nature and consciousness is an intense interaction.

  2. AnElephantCant deny that Penny’s stories
    Give him feelings that are far from sentimental
    It is not coincidental
    That this extra-continental
    Sometimes realises he is quite Elephantal

    AnElephant hopes it is true
    That someone is here for you
    And that this allegory
    In your so clever story
    Delivers something that you can pursue

    • Thank you! Mostly fiction stays fiction but sometimes … once in a great while … they come true! I wish for each person, who cherishes hopes for love, can find them on this big wide planet where we all live. Much affection, Penny xx

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