There’s too much life today! Or is there …


Journal Entry ~

plhToo much life today. I woke up and felt as if I was being bombarded with life-y kinds of things! Activities, responsibilities, chores, sensations, emotions, the whole thing. Life being life not in tiny little bits and pieces but in great big, full screen, full color 3D, full volume surround sound happenings! Yes overwhelmingly so. So I laid there and took a few deep breaths and then I stared my day but I began to notice what I had missed earlier.

Children giggling. Cat’s purring nearby with affection. Dogs tails wagging in happiness, the timber of the voices coming from those whom I love discussing their accomplishments or activities for the day. I stepped outside and inhaled the fresh air, a mild day today. dew on the grass, not frost, a few birds singing in the trees and squirrels racing about.

And I knew then there wasn’t too much life today … there wasn’t enough! And I smiled and officially started my day over again. this time with a smile on my face, grace in my soul and thankfulness in my heart!

End Journal entry 1/9/13


beautiful life


Have a great day today … ย filled with lots of life!

~ Penny

26 thoughts on “There’s too much life today! Or is there …

  1. There seems to be something there about leading with the head instead of the heart. Once I get inside my head I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Opening my heart is where I hear all that is beautiful in the world. Thanks for a great post Penny.

  2. Some days we just have to take a step back & see – the day/moment is not so bad after-all.
    I have to remember that sometimes.
    xx ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. It isn’t that there’s too much life sometimes… it’s that there just isn’t enough of us sometimes. We are barometers of our perceptions…. and life continues to be what it is and always has been…. life.

  4. Yes life is overwhelming…especially before coffee! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But blessings abound if only sought…beautiful way to begin every day…recognizing the blessings we are gifted with! I love this! And I love you! โค โค

  5. I literally just crawled out of bed it is 4:27 am turned on computer grabbed a banana and opened up email yours the first to be read and what a beautiful description of your morning…still dark here and thermometer says 33 so love your peice made me feel warm and envious lol (((xx)))

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