This Post brought to you today by the color Yellow!


Available to you in nature everywhere!

file000989729140What is it about the color yellow that many of us love so much?


I’m guessing primarily because it’s the color of the sun, the light that brightens the sky and our world when it shines.


I think that on a subliminal level we (as living beings) file0001823116947know that our life is dependent upon the sun.


Yellow is a warming color, whether it be the sun or by fire.

Yellow is a cheerful color by it’s very nature. A feel good about yourself sort of color!


file000299512764When I think of the color yellow I think of a multitude of shades.


Subtle shades that sooth “mellow yellow” and vibrant shades that are cheerful and uplifting.


But mostly the color yellow is the color that brightens,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA file1411284428310regardless of the hue or the format being viewed by us.


Yellow provides a contrast to all the other colors surrounding it.


Creatures of all kinds, those in the ocean and those on the land, insects, plants of all kinds, including fruit and vegetables, flowers and much more brighten our day.


Yellow is one of the three primary colors.


So today I give tribute to the color yellow and all it represents.



May the color “yellow” live long and prosper!

~ ~ ~

Still Life in Yellow

Still Life in Yellow

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe

33 thoughts on “This Post brought to you today by the color Yellow!

  1. Gorgeous photos Penny πŸ™‚ I absolutely love yellow, always brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of buttercups, and as children we used to say that a person likes butter if their neck shines yellow when you place a buttercup under their chin. πŸ™‚

  2. Yellow is a harvest colour, a strange association for a sun starved Birt but there you go. There is a point about reaping and all that but you have probably worked it out already. It’s lovely to be getting the bright posts in preparation for a good spring. Yellow is the colour of hughs or shall be from now on.

    • Yellow is a primary color, so in the whole scheme of things SteJ, it shows up just about everywhere, but I did decide to focus on a brightness after focusing on a few heavy and more serious posts! πŸ™‚

  3. What a great color – just not on me. I have yellow undertones & yellow makes me look jaundiced – LOL
    Thanks for the bright post!
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

    • I have the same problem re: wearing yellow, only different skin tones from yours. I’m scandinavian pale,lol. So any bright color looks – well not flattering – I just look even more pale! Your welcome, it is a great cheery color, and I just love the yellow of daffodils that signal spring is around the corner here. πŸ™‚ xox

    • Hi Roxie, I just apologized on your blog post for my oversight in not reading this any sooner. And I am embarrassed to say my email stays more clogged (in a good way) than I have figured out how to handle. Thank you so much again for the prize. I am actually quite pleased as have been seriously working on several writing projects so this is quite timely for me! I will email you if that is convenient for you re: specs. πŸ™‚ Again my thanks!

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