The Folded Napkin!

the folded napkin

I fold my napkin in a certain precise way.

It conforms to the way that I have folded it.

When I wish to open the napkin, it will open in the exact manner I wish it to.

My folded napkin is as it should be.

An inanimate object being useful fulfilling a function as needed, required or desired.

This napkin, once so carefully and precisely folded will be discarded at some point.

I will replace the used one with a new one. My new napkin will also be folded in a certain and precise way.

It conforms to the way that I have folded it.



I will not be anyone’s folded napkin.

I am not an inanimate object whose function is to fulfill the desires of another without any need to satisfy my own.

I will not be folded in a precise way to behave in a certain manner according to someone else’s wishes.

I will not be unfolded at a time of someone else’s choosing.

If need be, I will shape and fold myself completely on my own in a manner of my own choosing – as is my right!

I would much rather go hand in hand with another where I do not feel the need to compare myself to a folded napkin.


No comparisons needed, just myself: A woman – one of many – who is a human; a living being, the same as all the others who reside on the planet Earth!

Thank you! (I recently posted a video on the value of a woman. The video was moving. I felt compelled to follow it up with this post!)

~ Penny


37 thoughts on “The Folded Napkin!

  1. A beautiful reminder to be true to our authentic self. It is so easy to lose sight of this when others are looking to bend us to accommodate their needs.

    • AnElephantCant know how my heart aches for the women of the world who struggle to have any freedom at all. And as for myself, It is good to be in a part of the world where women are allowed to make their own choices and that the men I know would agree with my sentiments about women and freedom ~ thank you for being one of them! With much love and affection, Penny

  2. Fantastic post Penny ~ made me stop and take pause. Amazing how easily we can fall into this pattern of needing to please – to conform – to be validated by external forces. Thank you – this was a great follow-up to the “value of a woman” video ! xxll Much Love to you dearest friend ~ xRobyn

    • Thank you Robyn. Woman are so very strong, and it is our very strength of purpose where we need to be there for others that can get us to accidently go the wrong direction (as it relates to our own well-being)! Much much love to you my oh so dear friend! xxoxxoxx

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