Being a blogger today … it’s all about creating connections!


Connecting …

As I write these words down in the “New Post” section of my “dashboard” in Word Press. I think about the handful of new posts on my “Reader” that I just finished reading to get a feel for the mood, interests, and topics that some are writing about this morning.

hToday the The Daily Post a blog that writes articles about the Art and Craft of Blogging was in it’s element reminding each blogger of idea generation for writing new blogs, The challenge of it all!

So as I sit here writing this morning I realize that before you come up with an idea for a post (and then write and publish it)  the big thing is really about the “why of it all”! 

Why are you here? What is your purpose for blogging? I  mean after the obvious reasons of sharing the creative part of you, it still comes back to Why?

The answer, as a fellow blogger said to me recently, is about hconnections“! We want to feel connected to one another, more so than ever before. And many of us (with lots more coming on board each day) have discovered that not only do we “connect” when we blog, share a post and visit others, but for more than a few it’s personal.

With some we make a special connection. A special something that sets that blogger apart from the others. It’s real and as you read this you KNOW it’s true. We have, all of us made new and special friends through our blogging activities. All over the world!

My advice to each Blogger out there … Create and Connect! Go for it! Have fun explore your creativity and share with all of us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

It’s a Bloggers World after all!


I wish you the very best in your blogging experiences and hope to connect with many more of you this year. Have an excellent week and thanks for stopping by to visit.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

34 thoughts on “Being a blogger today … it’s all about creating connections!

  1. It is ironic I just read this post. It was only this afternoon that I questioned myself…Why am I doing this? You just answered my question…thank you, Penny! It’s not just connecting but making shared connections whether art, music, life, joy, sorrow…It brings out the creativity and places you in a world that is real or fantasy, whichever you desire at the time while allowing new friends into your heart.

  2. Yes, indeed, create and connect… but if people are like me, they start by creating and then discover the incredible connections that make blogging more than creating….
    You step into the void, and find it isn’t a void!

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  4. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately… the ‘why”… “does it make any difference?”. I cannot tell you how many times in the past few days I’ve felt like deleting my blog because it really doesn’t matter. But then, I come here to “thewhyaboutthis”…. I can only conclude that there are some blogs that definitely make an impact…. with “real” meaning in them… made from extraordinary people who have overcome extraordinary obstacles. You… dear Penny…. is most certainly one of them. I mean that sincerely my friend.

    • Thank you Roxi so much, and I’m about to go into my “Mother Mode” here so my friend (who I’m hoping I can meet personally very soon – we are just hours apart from one anyother!) here goes … Roxi St. Clair if you delete your blog I will be so very upset with you. You have more talent in your little finger than most people and it shines through in all mediums. Written word, photography, Original art, please keep posting. My motto on days when it seems like nobody knows I’m here (yes I do too have days like that!) I remember my motto – If what I know or do can make a difference to just one person, then I am satisfied. Dear friend, I know I don’t come by your post as often as I should, time is a serious restriction for me, but I will as I can but more importantly, others will too! You are needed here Roxi. Okay all through with my “Mom” speech! All my love my very special friend, Penny xoxoxoxox

      • Wow…. OK Mom 🙂 I wrote what I wrote not for myself…. but because you are such an asset to humanity. I cannot say the same for a lot of people in the world. Forget blogs. I mean for humanity. I’m ashamed to say I had not noticed your ‘backstory’ before today. We have very similar experiences and it made me really think about the messages you ‘send’ out to people in your posts. How much of yourself you give to others. How many really look beyond the words to see the true meaning? To look at the person who authored it? Well….. I ‘see’ you and I ‘hear’ you.

        • I know that. But you are important to me and I think you have a lot to share also that people would/should see and hear! Thank you my friend. My road has been an unusually complex one, and I’ve shared some of it in my blogs and backstory. I have to believe I’m still here on the planet for a reason, and the only one that comes to mind is to do my best to make a difference, so I use my experiences as fodder (if you will) to pass along messages that may make a positive difference for others. Once again my sincerest thanks dear friend, from the bottom of my heart! Much love, Penny

  5. You are one of my special friends that I have connected with. When I first started blogging it was to give information for someone doing a charity bike ride. That was when I was with AOL. Then I decided that I would talk about random things. Use it as a journal. Now though, I use it for so much more. I find it has been an inspiration both others like yourself to me, and apparently myself to others.

    I thank you Penny

    • Hi Gys, haven’t been by to see you recently. I hope you are doing well and a most Happy New Year to you also! Yes, definitely about having fun! Huge! 🙂 Beaucoup d’amour à toi mon cher ami, Penny xx

      • It is strange Penny. I spend all days on your blog. I don’t let commentary at all times, but I follow you. Next Sunday I go for 2 weeks and during this time I’ll come not on the Net. Happy New year Penny. See you soon 🙂

        • Thank you Gys, your comment pleases me more than you can know. There are some (you are one) that I truly consider an “artist” friend of mine, so I’m glad to know you feel the same way. A most happy new year and see you when you get back, take care of yourself til then dear friend, Penny 🙂 xx

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