Being an Artist … the good … the hard … the special!

file0002058071745Chances are if you’re reading this you’re an artist. With words, or with a camera, a brush, digital technology, the musical note, acting, singing, dancing, and/or with a hundred other creative endeavors.

You’re an artist and you “feel things” deeply inside! And you feel the need to express those feelings. At the same time you are not terribly good at expressing yourself when it comes to your talent, your artistry. And you are insecure about what people will say or think – but you still want to know, a dichotomy of wishes,dreams and desires. You really want others to know you and what you are doing. And often you wait for some one else to acknowledge your talent before you acknowledge it for yourself!

In the blogging world, don’t wait for someone to “find” you. Go find them first. Let them discover youh because you’ve given them a pathway to follow. The path is your comments in the comment section of their blog. You’ve read their words, viewed and listened to their talent and appreciated them.

In return they will come to check you out. You’re special and so are they. A mutual admiration society. And if they are too busy to follow you frequently than understand that too. It is a fact in the blogging world, some have more time than others.

Share your gift freely when you blog and embrace the talent being given by others! It works. It really does! Keep the specialness of you alive by sharing it with others.

I should know I’m an Artist too and feel the same way you do. Good luck,

~ Penny


34 thoughts on “Being an Artist … the good … the hard … the special!

  1. All true, so true but yet difficult to always comment because of the time…Just getting to the blogs is hard enough sometimes. Um-m-m? It is all about budgeting, isn’t it? The time is always there, it just has to be tapped into at the right moment. Do this, leave that, don’t do this, delete that…

  2. I’m so touched by your words of faith and creativity.

    Indeed, there is something special about humans and they need to express themselves. So many potential minds growing and this is what your planet earth should evolve and spread the love and artistic joy onto others who need to be touched by art. 🙂

    Excellent blog by far the best!

    I will be posting my new blog today…sorry for the delay. I had matters to attend to my girlfriends health. 🙂

    • Thank you my friend! I’ve been an artist my whole life and had the fortune to spend time with many other artists. We are a very special group indeed! 🙂 I like us a lot!

  3. It is so true. By following other artists and saying what I feel about their posts, others compliment me on mine, whether it is deserved or not. I know … I know some people will say how good something is, even if they don’t think so. Sometimes I feel I would prefer constructive criticism rather than people say something is good even if it is not. My poetry and fiction being the prime examples.

  4. So glad you did this post Penny. You know I feel the same ~ got really emotional writing my bd letter/new years post with similar essence. Who knew when I started blogging a year ago it could possibly be a project that connects me with such amazing, sensitive, brilliant artists… Amazing to me actually, Love to you best-est friend 🙂 ~ Love , Robyn

    • Hey bestest friend. I’ve decided that too! Lucky us, being in the right place at the right time! And exploring our talent while we cope with the world (and personal issues, that’s okay too because not so quite alone there either) and meet more like us annnnnd occasionally make a difference in a positive way. Too cool huh ~ Much much love to you dearest pal of xmine 🙂 xoxo

  5. This post totally speaks to me! I can’t believe how much encouragement I have encountered since I started blogging and of course tons of inspiration from other bloggers. We are an isolated bunch for the most part and to have an outlet to share our art with other artists is amazing and balancing for when we feel we may just go over the edge 😉 great post as always!

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