Life’s paperback Mystery book! A best seller!


Once upon a time there was a pretty little planet rotating around a great big golden star surrounded by some other fascinating planets doing the same thing. And nearby there were many other stars and planets and so forth and so on. These solar systems too numerous to count simply filled with the flow of universalfile581244116982 life, matter and being! A glorious and unfathomable immensity.

It seems to me in the whole scheme of things that the occupants of the small little planet must surely realize how very special and unique they are to be a part of something so vastly huge and wonderful.

In this landscaped backstory of life we humans exist. To what end or purpose – a mystery.

But what a glorious mystery. A best seller, for certain, if made into a paperback novel! The ending unknown, hbut Oh the adventures, the drama, the excitement, the passion, the LIFE.

This mystery book would be so popular that it could In fact be a screen play in the making for a most magnificent movie.

US, we – all of us – little tiny inconsequential beings, are in fact a part of the bigger picture (in spite of what we don’t know or think we know), In full, living and blazing color. With tons of special effects no less. The potentially biggest block buster of them all. It is to be hoped that the small roles we do play will be played out well and that the mystery of life turns into the masterpiece it is intended to be!

Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going well for you,

~ Penny


39 thoughts on “Life’s paperback Mystery book! A best seller!

  1. Love to you penny ~ it is true – we are all like characters in a story of life. Sometimes I really feel this way really…. worried about you as just saw comment on my blog that you hurt your back. Oh goodness ~ will be saying lots of healing prayers for quick recovery… and write you over there soon too. PLEASE take easy my sweet dearest friend! xxoo Love R

    • Thanks Robyn, other than being interruptive with how long I can sit and be on the computer, it’s the usual that goes with this sort of thing. No worries, but thank you so much for thinking of me and your prayers, greatly appreciated. Hopeful this is of a very short duration, so will think positive as I always do and carry on dearest most special friend of mine, Much love to you, xox

  2. One part of this life that is not a mystery though. We each interact with one another for a reason. That reason is a mystery. This best seller has love, pain, death, arguments, more love, horror, intrigue but above all ,… love. *THAT* is the reason we interact with each other. Just because we interact and fall in love with someone, does not mean you will be with them. You can love someone for an eternity but never be together. Sometimes we fall in love with someone to show that we can be loved.

    This book should be blue and have a warning in the front … *SPOILERS*

    Love how your posts get me thinking Penny. It’s also reminded me of a post I was formulating on my phone πŸ™‚

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