The Furies! The elements of our nature!


Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto, in Greek mythology are the three Furies. Also called the Daughters of the Night.

Without mercy, the Furies would punish all crime including the breaking of rules considering all aspects of society. They would strike the offenders with madness and never stopped following criminals. They wereh also the guardians of the law when the state had not yet intervened or did not exist, or when the crime was a crime of ethics and not actual law.

For example, they would protect beggars and strangers, punish those who stole the birds’ young and even look out for the dogs. Originally said to be horrible to look at, they changed into the Eumenides, protectors of the suppliant, after Athena made them spare the life of a murderer.

The other place we hear repeated reference to the use of the word “fury” is with Mother Nature. 

hMother Nature’s Fury is like none other, as we’ve all seen or been ample witness to!

The elements of nature and human emotions can be both gentle and harsh and while the word “fury” originated from mythology, the core meaning has never really changed, that of an extremely violent action or reaction.

Today too many of us are purely reactionary, that is to say we react to what we read or see without first giving thought to the “truth” of it! If you multiple this reactionary mentality to the hundreds of millions who may be viewing the same media information as you then you can see where this might lead to bigger and badder problems.

It is too easy for each of us to accept at “face value” second handfile000876988804 information and then go to a “bad place” and emotionally over react to a situation or circumstances, in turn making a situation that much worse.

Or so it seems to me. Try for a little emotional balance when presented with new information. Don’t make someone else’s fury yours. Take some time to consider if what you are innocently reading or viewing is true and even then consider carefully how you respond.

A great saying is “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution”. Don’t let an emotionally passionate and reactionary mode dictate your “action”. And if you do act on something, try for it to be a good thing. Part of a greater good and positive solution!

Choose to not be fooled, and be not a “FURY” but one of the “Protectors” in life! Always about choices!


Thank you for your visit ~ Penny                     

18 thoughts on “The Furies! The elements of our nature!

  1. Very nice post, Penny. I agree we should not be part of others’ fury. The other day, a colleague raised his voice in a meeting… lots of sound and fury there. I refused to be drawn into his circle of fire… be part of a spectacle. Later, we went out for lunch and both of us understood the importance of my silence back there in the conference room… sometimes, it’s a bad day getting the better of us. Can happen to anyone… I like you putting it down so nicely.

  2. Great post Penny. Be a protector in life and of life…be part of the greater good. There are always those out there that want you to validate their negative feelings and it is easy to get caught up in this. I try to step back and look at all sides objectively whenever possible. On another note, so sorry to hear about your back. Was this due to your recent fall? Take care and hope you are better soon.

    • Thanks, yeah the doctor and I pretty much agreed that when I fell I bruised a lower disc also (one I had injured and healed years ago) so the inflamation was slow in happening – for some reason. Now it’s, well definitely uncomfortable (pinched nerve) but the good news is, been there before so I know the routine, already doing PT so no worries my friend, I’ll be fine! Thank you for your words of concern LuAnn, much appreciated dear friend! xx

  3. I do try to act or react to try and make a good thing. Often though, I try too hard and screw everything up. At least I can say I tried. “If at first you don’t succeed … give up and try something less difficult” 😉

  4. An easy way to avoid fury is to take all the media with a pinch of salt, well a big truck full at any rate. sometimes it’s not surprising as just down right wearying watching the news. Your pers-ectives should be taught in schools, but I know you’ve heard that said before.

  5. Been there, done that and it ain’t pretty. When approached by someone who wants you to experience the same ‘fury’ because they think you cannot possibly understand what they’re going through otherwise only hinders your ability to help them through that dark time. I like to be objective, listen closely, and allow them their ‘feelings’ while not absorbing the negative energy they are experiencing. It keeps me ‘safe’, and allows me to be more focused on helping them. In counseling we call that inference and it is a form of trying to control a situation that should not be controlled.

    • Well I’ve shared with a few, mostly I don’t. But because you asked and care dear friend, I pinched a nerve in my back so I’m having the usual things that go along with this, not to worry, be right as rain soonest! And thank you so very much for caring my sweet dear friend!

      • ooo so sorry that is not good at all. Her are sweet prayers for your healing…take it easy as I know you must, seems several of us have injured our selves…either we aren’t thinking when we move or our bodies are saying they need a rest. Get well soon my friend. Love and hugs always((xx))

        • Yeah, I pretty much know what I did, and it’s an inflamed previous injury (20 years ago) so am familiar with the routine, lol ~ thank you Len, love and hugs back to you! xox

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