A pathway of friends


pathway (the meaning):  A track or passage way for walking made clearer and stronger by continual treading. Such a way or track is often designed for a particular purpose: “a nature path”.

In my world view (of life, love and good things)  a group of friends (online and off) would be called “a pathway of friends”.   to be seen as ever expanding and growing – the tread of meeting continuous new friends never ends, creating more and often used pathways and so on.


My pathway of friends

I have found them everywhere among my travels through life. I have found them near at hand when I but hlooked up and saw them standing there.

My pathway of friends is a precious gift I cherish with all my heart and as paths go it seems to me that this pathway will become a road of much use.

The road will become so mighty that there will be bridges made so the pathway of friends can cross over any troubled waters with no difficulty.

And these mightiest of roads will indeed turn into freeways and expressways of friends, so many that the pathways encompass the planet leaving no friend behind, no friend not heard from, no friend forgotten, no friend alone.

My pathway of friends is an amazing path because it grows and expands at will. There is no deterrent that stops it, for it grows from love and it grows from hope and it grows from faith and I believe we all have those in abundance.

Yes it is all that I can wish and believe it will be

and I am pleased with the ever growing and expanding pathway of friends.

Thank you,



Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe

27 thoughts on “A pathway of friends

  1. I was so delighted the day I was out walking in nature, as I love to do, and found you on the same path. Life has not been the same since, and I feel so blessed for having met you. Lightness and love to you dear friend. 🙂

  2. Can’t even express how much I treasure the pathway that delivered you to my world Penny ~ Love and Light and Vibrant Wellness to you always — this was a lovely lovely post. And you have a knack for creating those 🙂 ~ xo Robyn

    • Thank you my friend and a double ditto re: meeting you dearest one! Much love and affection Robyn, and a special thanks for your sending vibrant wellness (am working on that one right now!) xoxoxoxoxoxox

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