This Post is brought to you by the color Pink!


When it comes to beauty, few things illustrate this better than nature.



Beauty is that which leaves us breathless in the moment.

Beauty creates the most glorious sensation, beginning with the view and then working it’s way deep down inside our souls enriching us.

There is a feeling of wonder gazing at each of these three beautiful pink flowers! A feel good uplifting experience.


Just think if we could achieve the same sort of feelings of wonder when in contact with other people. Just by being with them and sharing ourselves.

Much the same way the flowers share their beauty!


Because ultimately every one of us is beautiful … each in our own uniqueness.


How glorious it would be If our souls could radiate beauty the same as these living pink flowers of nature.

But perhaps they do – radiate beauty that is – maybe we aren’t looking close enough to tell.

Today might be a good day to beginning looking!


Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going smoothly for you, filled with lots of color and beauty!

~ Penny


35 thoughts on “This Post is brought to you by the color Pink!

  1. Everybody has pink in them and everybody has the ability to see pink. Some people find it easier than others to see it, and others won’t accept that their pink is on display for all to see. Whilst there are others who believe they are fluorescent pink, but the reality is that they are really a dull colour.

    That probably makes no sense … oh well … I don’t often of late anyway

  2. Nice post & nice pix!
    My favorite flower of the bunch is the last pic below – “Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going smoothly for you, filled with lots of color and beauty!

    ~ Penny:

    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. I really do think the soul radiates beauty in the human species actually. It’s something from deep inside — nothing to do with external aesthetics. Such a great post again Penny ~ you are consistently brilliant in your teachings ~ xxoo Much Love dearest friend … hope this finds you feeling improved xo ~ R

    • Slow going on the one thing, but to be expected so I’m doing okay in that regard (you sweetie you for caring and checking on me). I agree with you about the soul, It does radiate and actually extend out quite a bit in some (you’re one – but you know that) I think it does more than just radiate beauty I think it generates a kind of … hmmmm what word to use here … energy! Yes that’s a good word. It generates an energy that is noticeable to some and usable to others. Don’t you think so too? Love to you Robyn, my dearest friend, xxooxx

  4. I thought I was the only one to “read” others colors!!! I very seldom see the negative oh it is there along with anger but more so lately I see the oppressing aura of gray, the fog that shrouds those of great burdens and worries, not as many beautiful auras as there once was. but I still accept and look at the good of everyone no matter thier burden or worry or even anger it is there you just have to look a little deeper. It is surprising when you can treat them according to the underlying color, it seems to calm, and instill trust then they are of better aura when you part. God bless and love and hugs ((xx))

    • So very true Len, as I just mentioned to Roxi, I could always see everyone’s aura and feel it as well, close up and far away, sigh. Also I sense good and bad things about to happen, near by and far away! All those sorts of things, just kept them to myself, although the family would ask me if I have any “feelings” about things lol! You are right, I believe there is a core element or “glow” inside each, some hidden and some barely still there, but there none the less. Good for you for making that special difference Len. I’m not surprised though! Bless you also dearest friend for being loving and caring, much hugs and love to you! xoxo

  5. Ever seen a person’s aura? They’re amazing if you quiet your mind and open your eyes… every color in the rainbow. Been able to see them since I was a kid. Try it …. I think you have the kind of heart to see such things 🙂

    • Thanks Roxi, yes I can see and feel auras (in both living and inanimate “rocks” for example) don’t talk about it however since I was small and got teased for commenting about it! I wrote this from a non personal perspective, hoping to encourage others to try what you suggested! 🙂 Some of the auras are amazingly beautiful my friend!

      • Oh…. then you must feel what it’s like when going to an antique store… or walking thru old buildings…. the sensations and colors and ‘messages’ we get are truly amazing! Trees, rocks, all of it. Yeah…. I know you know what I mean 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only one LOL

        • No we’re not. There are a fair number of “sensitives” out there. Most are aware at some level. My problem has always been range. Mine has no boundaries so I spent quite a few years trying to figure out how to turn down the volume of vibrations and so forth and so on! And mostly having no one to talk to about this extra sensory perception! Also I track time somewhat differently and a few other things like that. Like I said pretty much have kept this all to myself, when I realized no one knew what I was talking about! So take heart you are not alone my friend! 🙂

          • My only problem with time is I tend to lose some of it.. (shrug)…. anyway… I have a contact form on my site if you ever want to discuss this further. Having been able to do these things from… umm birth…. you don’t know you’re different until someone tells you… usually in childhood. Interesting to hear your experiences 🙂

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