Coffeehouse of Dreams II – Savoring Flavors!


A few of my fellow bloggers expressed a desire to revisit my Coffeehouse of Dreams and I am pleased to return on their behalf. This one with even more “flavors to savor”!

Languid … beguiling and bewitching, the aroma of coffee. I, seated in my corner table, inhaled; savoringfile0001890668403 the flavor through my sense of smell alone. Senses already heighthened by the familiar. The coffeehouse my home away from home. Not a hang out just a place where I can “be”. A comforting relaxing feeling.

Soothingly smooth and yet … there was a heightened sense of something more this evening! Yes …

…there it was! He was here again.

Standing just inside the doorway, searching the room for … me? Our eyes connected. His with mine. A special exchange.

An intimate look, beguiling but in such a gentle manner that I was disarmed before feeling any danger. The awareness there perhaps, but my senses were already intoxicated with the heavy aroma of freshly ground brewed coffee.

You know that luring blend of huskiness you can almost taste as you breath in. Confusing as to which is which, The coffee or the Intrigue. I couldn’t file0002018755666distinquish, not then and even today as I recall that evening … not now. Too much. A sensual overload of deliciousness.

No, I sat silently in the corner with my book and watched him make his way to my table. He’d already captured me with his eyes. The handful of people scattered around the room at various tables and booths a backdrop to the emotions I was experiencing as he approached.

He had asked if he could share my table, even had I wished him to leave in that moment I would have been powerless to refuse. Hypnotized by a sensation that was both familiar and foreign, I could not look away and just nodded, quietly answering “yes”.

He pulled out one of the empty chairs at my table and moved it nearer to me before seating himself. His eyes taking in my gaze during the entire maneuver. His hand reached across the table and covered my file0002108211823fingers holding my coffee cup with his own. Moving my hand along with his, he brought the cup to his lips sipping and savoring the richness. His eyes had never left mine. “Nice”, he said softly, placing his other hand over my free hand resting on the table top. “Very nice!” His voice seductive.

In that moment an incredible sense of déjà vu enveloped me. The known and the unknown merging into a thoroughly delightful wave of exotic blending, elevating the experience to well above anything I’d encountered before. Preparing me for something I would never have thought possible. Something undefined but exciting, not understood but accepting. My future dreams of love.

And as I’ve said before this, after all, is my coffeehouse of Dreams!

Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny


59 thoughts on “Coffeehouse of Dreams II – Savoring Flavors!

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    • I wondered if you’d be curious about the book. Naturally it’s Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” with a rose in it (just in case you watched the movie “You’ve got Mail”) lol!

        • No worries! That wouldn’t really have been the book I’d be reading (although I have read all her books) no I’d have probably been sipping on my coffee reading “Mindstar Rising” by Peter Hamilton. He’s from your neck of the woods by the way and an excellent writer! This book combines sci-fi with detective story aspects. Just a really good read! I think you’d like it! 🙂

          • Another one to add to the ever growing and never shrinking in the least list. I haven’t heard the term your neck of the woods in ages. I shall be getting this back into popular language, that and nincompoop.

            • Yes nincompoop is also a good word to utilize! Actually your neck of the woods is still a popular expression over here SteJ, you should come for a visit to America, still lots of Americana everywhere! You’d love it! 🙂

              • I am looking to maybe visit in a year or two, I particularly want to go to New Yoik and shout ‘hey! I’m walking here in a bad Italian accent. I forgot to mention that last week I had a dream about you, recently I have been dreaming about bloggers and people I have only met once, it’s a theme for me. anyway I was staying at yours and I contrived to make a mess of the washing up, sorry about that!

                • No worries, pretty laid back here, come visit and be as messy as you want and I can just see you walking around the sidewalks of New York yelling out in an interesting “italian” accent! Yep, I can picture it now! lol 🙂

                  • it is very unpractised and inspired by cheap B-movies so will probably offend any passing Italian American.

                    I’m tidy, believe it or not, I would spend many hours perusing your book shelves though. when not distracting you from blog writing,

                    • All good things to know SteJ, I have so many books, if you were closer, I think you’d get lost in them, All sorts, shapes and sizes on every subject you can imagine, worn ones, newer ones, paperback, classics, hardbounds, manuscripts, old old comic books (tarzan etc.) Yes I am a total book nut, but books make me feel better than almost anything else, and that’s the truth!

                    • I shall start saving for a ticket! Sounds like paper heaven does your gaff. It’s great that inanimate objects have the power to inspire and emote so well.

                    • There is that about books SteJ. A power that is often unspoken yet read, unwritten yet spoken of, And unread yet written about. There will always be books because we need them, they are life’s blood to us. They do separate man from beast, truly my friend!

  3. oooo ~ this was a very “hot” cup of coffee dearest Penny ~ Loved your writing flow and the suspense ~ intrigue ~ momentum!! The coffee house of dreams —can you take me there??
    Love to you brilliant lady! xxoo RL

    • Yes it was, but fun. Okay I will certainly bring you there! I just love the cafe/coffeehouse atmosphere of the whole piece, I want to go there myself, lol! Thanks Robyn, all my love dearest friend! xxoxx

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