Rock Humor – you gotta love it!

Rock Humor - To be taken with a grain of sand!

Rock Humor – To be taken with a grain of sand!

* * *

First Rock: “Hey, you’re gonna love this one!”

Second Rock: “I doubt that very much but go ahead I’ll humor you!”

First Rock: “What did one human say to the other human?”

Second Rock: “And I’m supposed to be interested in this … why?”

First Rock: “No, trust me, you’re going to laugh out loud. You know those humans…”

Second Rock: “Not particularly well nor do I wish to.”

First Rock: “Seriously, this is to die for … it’s so funny!”

Second Rock: “Okay, okay, so whats the joke?”

First Rock: “What did one human say to the other human?”

Second Rock, “Ah… we’re talking about human beings here – they don’t communicate with each other!”

First Rock: “Oh … you’ve heard that one!”


Deciding some time ago that rocks can have a sense of humor too I’ve created my original brand of the human condition with my rock jokes – RockhumoR®

Hope it’s good for a few laughs and that your weekend has been a good one for you!

~ Penny,

penny l howe

Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe,
RockhumoR is a registered trademark ® Penny Quotes International  

25 thoughts on “Rock Humor – you gotta love it!

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  3. Rocks everywhere! And also the stationary kind. Rocks have a wisdom and you know you can rely on them because they are solid, rock solid…..You can’t beat a good rock, I would go as far to say that they rock!

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