39 thoughts on “Living life … your move!

      • Totally. We all live our life and each do something amazing every day. Even if it is just interacting with someone else, it is something amazing. After all, you don’t know what will happen.

        Yesterday I came out of a shop and gave Β£2 to a homeless guy who was sitting there, I told him to go into the take away and buy himself a chicken wrap. He thanked me On the way home I found Β£1 laying on the floor. So I got half back what I gave to him. Now THAT was amazing πŸ™‚

          • Yes it does. Sometimes though I wish I knew what it was playing at. When I see friends suffering when there is no need. Friends who I know are really nice people. and they are forced to suffer. A friend put me right on twitter yesterday as I made a rather … bleak tweet about it

            • The thing is Alastair we cannot allow ourselves to wonder why, when it comes to suffering. When it comes to pain, suffering in all forms we need to move immediately to a corrective path of our own thinking with what we do and how we do it so, as we can, we can then help more. That is the ‘true solution’ to The Why About This when it comes to suffering my most dear friend! Those answers I do have!

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