Sing … you

sing for the children

Sing you, for the children

Sing, we’re all the same,,

Sing for joy and happiness

Even through the pain.


Sing you,  for the future

Sing for all you gain,

Sing for the tomorrows

Sing through all the pain.


Sing you, for those suffering

Sing without the blame,

Sing with much forgiveness

Sing thru all the pain.


Sing you, thru all weather

Sing thru all the rain,

Sing, your voices raised on high,

Sing thru all the pain.


Sing you, ’cause you’re living

Sing thru all the strain,

Sing for all those loving

Much stronger than …

… your pain!


Penny L Howe, 2013

Thank you,


~ Penny

Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe,

23 thoughts on “Sing … you

  1. Stunning words Penny ~ reminds me to hear the music and listen for even when I can’t seem to hear it at all. This should be in your book 🙂 ~ universal and beautiful. Thank you dearest friend … Going to sing a tune now to my puppy! xo Love to you always, RL

    • You know after you said that I realized I could actually hear the music to the words, now all I need to do is find someone who writes music, lol! Thank you Robyn, my bestest buddy ever, much love to you with hugs and biggest ones to your puppy! xoxox

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