The Way ~ for the Future!


Is there a “Way” to be?

A way to live our lives today and tomorrow that will enrich both ourselves and all that we do?

Perhaps there is! Here’s something for you to consider, what if there was a way?

The Way” might have 7 rules. Well not actual rules (I’m rather weary of rules myself) as much as perhaps a relearning of methods or patterns in howfile000701999919 we do what we do during the process of living our lives.


The Beginning – A very basic level of understanding (about ourselves) is the beginning.

An attitude of awareness, and acceptance to want to hear and believe how we act/react and why (cause and effect).


Next is Balance. Within you is a ‘fulcrum’. A support, a center point of rest, on which everything (your emotions, thoughts, actions) moves around. “Maintaining yourself in a manner that keeps you balanced is the key.”


file0001326995371Third – is to Simplify, have clarity of thought.

Clearness to focus and concentrate. When life or things become convoluted and complex, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to accomplish that which you have set out to do. Without being clear within yourself you cannot be balanced.


Fourth – Be Open with your actions!. Sharing while listening, Giving while being open to receiving, Needingfile1801281015946 while being there for others.


Being open in the give and take of life experiences!


Fifth – Acceptance when confronted with things and people that are hurtful, know that there is that which you can not change. Be true to yourself even as you are there for others.


file000767348141Fullness is sixth, embracing life with large deep breaths and then filling yourself with all that sustains you and life!.


Giving is seventh. To Love Unconditionally is to give freely.


All we are is contained within the above. The more complex, the morefile000453698099 convoluted, the more closed, the more secretive and apart from … the more doubt, the more suspicion, the more fear …

The less accepting, the more rejecting … the more empty, the more loneliness…


Go back to the beginning.

Understand your attitude and balance yourself. Remember everything evolves around how you decide to feel about things including yourself.


Cause and effect … your thoughts, your emotions, your actions/reactions swirling around inside you.

Life, nature, you and I, tomorrow, the future …


The Way? Balance!


Thank you,

~ Penny


31 thoughts on “The Way ~ for the Future!

  1. Wow, Penny. You deserve at least a 100 bucks for these thoughts. Okay, okay. One Large. 🙂

    …And pictures. That forest/sunburst one up top just pulled me right in, and the accompanying text directing one to a happier path and more enlightened outlook was so well defined.

    • Thank you Karen, I’ll take the large :), I’ve spent years thinking on these ideas and writing notes in my journals thru the passage of my life’s experiences, I’m pleased that they are of some value, and I do seem to need to emphasize things with illustrations or photos, always been that way I guess! Thanks again for your very generous praise! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, I am pleased you liked it. I’ve pondered for quite awhile over these things so it’s nice to think there is some merit to my thoughts on how we live our lives. Thanks again, so very much appreciated by me, Penny

    • I’ve heard that pecan and banana pancakes are really good for breakfast too! Something to keep in mind dear friend! 🙂 And being balanced can be over-rated as I’ve recently been finding out! lol

  2. A great roadmap for staying centered and HAPPY ~ I agree – when things get to complex/convoluted/etc. etc. ~ we loose that balance which is a huge issue. Words of wisdom here for us all ~ thank you sweet friend — you are the voice of love, and help inspire so many ~
    xxxoo Robyn

  3. “Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” ~ Rumi

  4. The older I get – the more I see the light. In more ways than one too – LOL
    I think when I hit my late 30s – Not too bad huh? Then – again – who knows how much time I have left – Could be half my life. Oh – no matter. I’ll just keep on until my time comes.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

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