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AnElephantCant help loving his shadow
It really is a bundle of fun
But surprisingly shy
For such a big guy
It only comes out in the sun

Or if heโ€™s at home in the evening
Often thinking about nothing at all
He may switch on a light
And gosh what a sight
His shadow is there on the wall

Sometimes it can be long and lanky
And sometimes all short and quite squat
But when it clouds over
Heโ€™s amazed to discover
Where it was a moment ago itโ€™s now not

ele ost shadow
So he ponders the meaning of everything
The answer is forty-two as you know
When the day loses its spark
And it starts to get dark
Where on earth does his shade find to go

Is there somewhere a playground for shadows
Where they hang out and play their own game
Make a floppy-eared bunny
A doggy thatโ€™s funny

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