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AnElephantCant help loving his shadow
It really is a bundle of fun
But surprisingly shy
For such a big guy
It only comes out in the sun

Or if he’s at home in the evening
Often thinking about nothing at all
He may switch on a light
And gosh what a sight
His shadow is there on the wall

Sometimes it can be long and lanky
And sometimes all short and quite squat
But when it clouds over
He’s amazed to discover
Where it was a moment ago it’s now not

ele ost shadow
So he ponders the meaning of everything
The answer is forty-two as you know
When the day loses its spark
And it starts to get dark
Where on earth does his shade find to go

Is there somewhere a playground for shadows
Where they hang out and play their own game
Make a floppy-eared bunny
A doggy that’s funny

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