Our Tomorrows … Suspended on a sunbeam


We humans live on the planet we call Earth.

It is a most noble planet indeed housing a myriad of life forms. An immense amount of life abounds on this majestic planet called Earth. A small blue seemingly inconsequential speck to the Universe.

But to me it is the most amazing and glorious life sustaining planet of all.


My home, The planet Earth!

I will cherish, preserve and respect all life within my ability to do so. And I know I am not alone. These things I will do, I shall do in the company of my fellow humans for all the todays and tomorrows that we have.



Thank you,

~ Penny


30 thoughts on “Our Tomorrows … Suspended on a sunbeam

  1. As we travel across this planet called Earth, its vastness is sometimes overwhelming until…until we take a different view among the true vastness of our universe. Just a mere speck indeed but one recognizable in its infinite glory.

  2. This big spinning ball we call Earth…… kind of makes me feel so small and insignificant sometimes. A part of me has always felt I did not come from ‘here’….. so weird. Great post as always Penny πŸ™‚ xxxxoooo

  3. It is mindblowing, this concept of the universe and then our small ‘corner’ with us pootling about on it. The very concept of life, an eco system really is astonishing, sadly it’s to easy to forget it in everyday life, happily your observational skills and down right awesomeness has saved the day again and reminded us of all the unique things we have around us. It is a powerful thing you speak of.

    • Yes it is a powerful thing indeed SteJ and very serious. Anything that I can do to contribute to an increased awareness of this I will do. We “humanity” have the capability to turn things around, I stay hopeful and will pass on these positive feelings in every way I can to encourage others to see things more clearly. Thank you my friend! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Penny, I find anything to do with planets, universe and stars just mind blowing. Is there anything as wonderful as looking up at the clouds as they rush, or move slowly, above us? I have always been fascinated by this since a child. The wonders are enormous. Love your post Penny. xx

  5. We are mere specks of dust on a mere speck of dust. If we count the heartbeats of every living being on our planet alone, we could not match the amount of specks of dust out there in the greatness of space.

    But on this – our – speck of dust, there are specks who are slightly above other specks. I don’t mean in intelligence, I don’t mean in power, I mean in being able to really SEE that we are mere specks of dust upon a mere speck of dust. There are so few of these, these specks that inspire us to become more than our mere speck status. There are those who show us what it would be like to release our shackles and float – to become a speck of dust on the wind. There are those that can say to us “I am not alone in being a speck of dust”

    I thank you Penny

    • Thank you my friend. If I can make any difference at all, for just one other person, then I am well served! I appreciate your wonderful words! Again my most sincere thanks to you Alastair, much love to you ~ Penny, xx

      • You’re welcome Penny. I think you have made a difference to a lot of people. Well, if it hadn’t been for you, then you wouldn’t have had a daughter and you wouldn’t have had grandkids, and I wouldn’t be typing this to you now. It’s a Wonderful Life, Penny. Love and hugs to you and your family.

        • Thanks, wow it reminds me of the movie, your not “Clarence the Angel” are you? πŸ™‚ thank you Alastair the same to you and your son and daughter as well, say “Hi” to them from me with a big hug too!

          • Don’t think I’m an angel. Or if I am, nobody has told me yet. πŸ˜€ You’re welcome my friend. I will, although my daughter is going to bed early tonight – by the same amount of time she went to bed late last night. I can be cruel daddy sometimes LOL

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