The Facts of A Cat … think on that!


My Guys, whom I’ve mentioned before, Franky and Jonny (5 years old now – I’ve had them since they were 4 weeks old, bottle fed them for a couple weeks, so they see me as their mommy) are big boys!

Franky weighs more than 20 lbs. Jonny almost 30 lbs. They can be …um very interactive and like to help out in a very ‘cat like’ way. Here they are “helping” me write a post about them.

franky wanting attention

This is Franky keeping my seat warm while Jonny spell checks for me. Unfortunately they tend to occupy a lot of space when they are being helpful!IMAG2012

They finally got bored with the whole thing (as cats will of course) and ended up hanging out on one part of the table (next photo below).

For their size both cats (who are obviously part Coon Cat) are incredible gentle and non-aggressive. They are playful and love to tease (terrorize) the family’s Pomeranian by acting like velociraptors and slowing sneaking up on him from different directions.

At my bedtime they can become quite territorial and I usually end up pinned to the bed in one position wedged in between the two of them and of course their purring is more like a rumbling. Kind of soothing in a different sort of way. They are loving and gentle though, so they stay my guys!


Emma’s picture of one of them (love it!).



More about cats:


Franky and Jonny love snow!

Once again, ten year old Emma has a connoisseurship when it comes to knowing cats. She lives, breaths and if she could would eat like a cat so, she has read and studied about them (apart from constantly drawing new cat characters for her future videos) so she was nice enough to share (from one of her numerous cat books) these interesting factoids:

~ Cats have been domestic for about 4,000 years. Thank you Egyptians!

~ Cats have a method of marking their territories and  their caretakers whom they clearer consider theirs as well by using scent glands located on the forehead, side of jaw, paws, and tail.

Franky and Jonny playing "king of the mountain"

Franky and Jonny playing “king of the mountain”

~ Kittens are born blind and deaf. These senses develop four to fourteen days after birth.

~ A layer of tissue in the eyes of a cat “called the tapetum lucidum” reflects light a second time through the cat’s retina. This permits the cat to see in one-sixth the amount of light required by humans.

~ A cat’s ears can rotate 180 degrees “independently” of each other.

~ There is an olfactory organ in the roof of a cat’s mouth “the Jacobson’s organ”. It is a small pouch. A cat parts its mouth and raises its head to savor scents.

~ Cats have over 100 vocal cords. This compares to one pair in humans. But cats will only make those “meow” sounds at humans and other non-cats.

~ Cats walk by moving both right feet and then both left feet. Most four-legged mammals walk by moving theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA front right with the back left followed by the front left with the back right. Giraffes and camels are the only other mammals to walk like cats.

~ The nose of a cat has a ridged pattern, unique to each cat just like a human fingerprint.

~ And this last one I discovered thru Google which I did not share with Emma: The female starts the mating ritual with an evocative smell and call.

She then rolls playfully in front of her potential mate “or several mates” who will fight over her. When the mating is finished, she moves to attack the male, who leaps away quickly. I found that last part particularly interesting lol!

As the photo of my guys above shows, Franky and Jonny slept together until they were just simply too big to do so (they were about 2 years old). In these final photos below, They really did try to make it work anyway,





 this was actually their last time of sleeping together in a cat bed, It is hilarious and kinda sad too! Hope you enjoyed this post all about my Guys and Cats!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe

28 thoughts on “The Facts of A Cat … think on that!

    • Please do Ludwig, I’d most definite like that. You’d make a most wonderful addition and we could hang out together in the garden and share our love of life and nature. I like it! 🙂

    • I do know the story, and it’s a great one for explaining why cats tend to be so very antisocial at times (okay at most times lol) or even if they are friendly it is certainly on their own terms. I’m sorry you don’t have any cat’s to enjoy. A kitten would be a nice thing for you maybe? thank you so much for your time spent visiting me, it is very greatly appreciated! With much warmth and affection to you this day, Penny 🙂 xx

  1. I like this post! How cute kittens in the pictures . beautiful ! Hello to my great friend Emma who is the real good drawing – Grandma Penny !she has on you as you draw very well .! Have nice day

    • Thank you, I just had Emma read this and she was very happy you liked her drawing! Thank you very much for your compliments Stefan. You also have a nice day when you wake in the morning. (when you read this I’m sure you’ll be sleeping so I hope your dreams are good ones dearest friend!) With love and affection, Penny

  2. They are amazing creatures. I had a male tabby whom I affectionately called Stinky for reasons I will not go into…He was a great judge of character. When I had a date, he let me know what kind of person I would be going out with. If he did not like them, he let us both know. He was always right too! Years ago I read an article about cats where the author believed that they were the alien invasion and when they laid down and raised their tail, on whatever you were busy working on, they were actually transmitting the data of what you were working on to the mother ship…funny huh? Hugs and have a great day! Love the photos of your boys! – B

  3. This was full of interesting information I had no idea of! Your beautiful BIG cats clearly adore each other, great shots!

  4. A lovely post dear Penny. For my two large cats bedtime is the highlight of their day with a fight, after which their motors start running. One sleeps on top of the bed jammed in behind my knees and the other in bed curled up against my tummy. After they have had a ten minute dig or kneading frenzy when I can’t move or sleep they stop and I eventually do drift off. 😀 xox

  5. I love this !a great post that will keep me smiling !
    Thanks for sharing….I have so many cats (semi feral)
    they keep me very entertained as I wander about outside
    Take Care…

    • Oh how wonderful to hear that Mary Rose. I think when a cat can spend most/or all of his or her time outdoors they are much happier animals! I’m glad you enjoy them as much as (I bet) they enjoy you! sending affection your way, Penny xx

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