Yeah I know, Gorilla in the room … again?

a gorilla


“See the thing is even though I know “as the 800 lb gorilla in the room” I’m mostly invisible (to various politicians), well actually I don’t think I’m invisible as much as I’m inconvenient. You know – the inconvenient truth of it all!”

“I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I’m guessing that there are a bazillion other ‘every day people’ out there who are having the same trouble sleeping that I am … for the same reason.”

“So we’ve got a new year going for us. Time of change and all that, but the thing I started to say is, changea gorilla also needs to start with you guys!”

“Big time, in a big way … because the truth is we’re running out of it!”

“Time that is! Not a lot left, actually none.”

“Seriously a huge deficit where time is concerned, so the only thing we’ve got going for us is CHANGE. I can spell the word if you’re having trouble understanding.”


“Not just a little change, but a whole bunch of huge change where super charged ego’s and powerful megalithic corporate entities don’t get in the way. The laid back, ‘everything’s going to be just fine’ approach isn’t working so well!”

“Yes I know a dichotomy where you guys are concerned but, we’re already in trouble and need some serious changes in how we do what we do in this country. So there you have it, once more … timely comments that aren’t really timely any more … but better late than never!”


Thank you for stopping by! I wouldn’t have revisited the political arena if I wasn’t extremely concerned about the well-being of my home and yours!

~ Penny

Penny's Thoughts

11 thoughts on “Yeah I know, Gorilla in the room … again?

  1. Penny, it is just to bad while we live in a nation of so-called democracy that more people do not stand up with shouts of “ENOUGH!” Change, change, change has been the buzz word going into its fifth year…what HAS changed? Anything for the average hard-wording American? Where are all the new jobs and why are there still so many hungry and homeless still on the streets, some of whom are our nation’s veterans which is totally shameful and a completely different story! Sorry, you brought out the rage in me! Maybe that is a good thing!

    • It’s always a good thing to be engaged Sharla, to care, to stand up for what you believe in, to try to make a difference! Always, always a very good thing my very brave and dear friend! much love and affection to you, Penny xo

  2. The truth is that most human beings don’t want change of any sort. Change is always seen as being for the worse. Even miserable lives are seen as being better than a leap into the unknown. On a personal level we won’t change until we’re pushed. Bit like going to the dentist I guess. Yet the saddest thing is that change can often open doors into good things. If we have the courage to take that first little step.

    All generalities of course, I’m as fearful of change as the next person.

  3. The sad thing is it will only change when the guys messing it up, really, really mess it up. I tried last year to get all my friends, relatives and general aquaintances to rally around. You know what? I could actually see their eyes roll before they told me to shut up, I was boring. Any politically minded blogs I wrote were ignored; generally. Apparently George Raft left a suicide note that read, “I leave you all in the cesspit of your lives.” So now I smile a lot, write nice little anecdotes and play my guitar. Still love the post though 😉

  4. AnElephantCant argue with your logic
    Although he can’t comment on the US
    But in the UK
    He is sad to say
    Politicians and bankers have – together, in cahoots, deliberately – dropped us all into a real pigging mess

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