What’s a Penny Worth? Looks like Nadda!

JMM_0571Yesterday Canada began phasing-out its Penny by saying it costs too much to produce.

The Royal Canadian Mint officially ends its distribution of one-cent coins to financial institutions.

Google is marking the passing of the Penny with a dedicated doodle on its Canadian home page.

New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden and others have also dropped the Penny.

In American the U.S. Treasury Department says the administration is looking at cheaper materials to make the Penny, which is now made of zinc.

Two separate bills calling for the end of the Penny so far have failed.

But for how long. The pressure is on! The Penny is going the way of the Dodo bird, sigh!

This Penny plans to be around for a long time, no worries there, but it is sad to see the fate of the coin that I was named after. And of course all those wonderful sayings – will they soon have no meaning? I guess only time will tell.

A “Penny for your thoughts” on this one,

~ Penny


63 thoughts on “What’s a Penny Worth? Looks like Nadda!

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  2. Pennies are sentimental to me. My great Aunt and I used to play fun games like pokΓ©no and pee-knuckle with them. Besides, we collect them for our grands,…they’ll be here forever.πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you Yahobahne, I am very pleased to hear that. I was named after a song called “Pennies from Heaven” so naturally I can’t help but have an emotional connection to these simple little coins. Thank you also for stopping by to visit, I do appreciate it very much. πŸ™‚

        • It’s excellent, If I had any advice it would be – more would be better. (that’s not always true as you know) but what I found compelling about your book were the individual stories of different people. Each unique to themselves. I think people “readers” would be fascinated with even more examples. It is a complex enough topic that this would be reasonable anyway. And that’s it, other than that I loved it. Cover, opening and so on all great. I just wish it had been longer! πŸ™‚

          • Thank you… you’re the first to give me feedback… I truly appreciate it and your words come as a huge relief! I didn’t think people would be interested to be honest…

            RE the length… absolutely, it will be… this is just a preview… I’ve got more responses lined up but I’m trying to get as many people as I can to contribute before I publish. I’d like to have a minimum of 25 and I think I have about 17 or 18 right now. The problem is finding the time LOL

            Speaking of, if you get some time, I’d love to read your answers to the questions too…

            I just want honest, open communication, no matter how long or short the answers may be…

    • Alrighty then,. I’ll be representative of the ‘penny coin’ that has played a little role in little ways for lots of us while we were growing up. I’m good with that! Yes!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. AnElephantCant deny it
    When he checks his change he has too many
    But when the truth is told
    From a heart of gold
    We know we have here an indispensable irreplaceable unforgettable totally lovable Penny

    • You are very kind. I hope to be as much like the simple little “penny coin” that for so many for many years brought pleasure in simple things. With a penny there were no mighty purchases but delightful little things. With a few pennies in hand added to a jar that became full of pennies saved you could imagine all sorts of possibilities. I would hope I can inspire in that same manner with my posts. Inspire, because like the the coin it truly is the simple little things in life that seem to make a difference! Thank you for your lovely compliment, much appreciated dear friend! πŸ™‚

  4. The noble penny is great, especially when you say keep the change and feel all rich as you hear a single clink back in the till. However they can’t phase out my favourite Penny, I find she is to good a writer for that.

  5. As long as our Penny stays put πŸ™‚ I think our pennies over here will last a long time. It has been a great number of years since our last coins were taken out of circulation.

    The Β½ penny ceased to be legal tender over here in 1984, and that same year they ceased making the Β£1 note. That ceased to be legal tender in 1988. Unfortunately when I had to leave my last place in a hurry, I left my only Β½ penny there. I think the Β£1 note may still be legal tender in Scotland, but it has to be a Scottish one. I do believe AnElephant reads your blog, so he may be able to answer that one for me.

  6. If something costs me $1.99 and I hand over two one dollar bills, I want my change back. I worked very hard for that penny. This rounding BS is not to anyone’s benefit but to that of the person with their hand out.

    • As in most government decisions, there never seems to be simple solutions, or changes that aren’t very complex in the understanding of LOL. Unlike the simple little penny. Thanks for your comment Bupe, much appreciated by me, Penny

  7. It’s about time govs starting phasing out pennies. They are worthless, ridiculous and only collect in the bottom of a purse or in a jar on a dresser, until we end up with 50 pounds of them. Then they are too heavy to get rid off.

    • So true Trinity. Clutter has become a huge problem in this country, not just pennies. And of course because we’ve become so consumer oriented, prices have gone up and as you so correctly noted making the simple little penny worthless in terms of what it can pay for! Thank you for your insights. It is unfortunate for our country that we are so greedy with wanting “things” as opposed to being content with what is really important – Love and family. Hope all is going well with you, Penny

  8. It seems so sad that what we could do with a penny so many years ago, one can’t now do with a dollar… sad to see the coins disappearing .. just worries me when we will see the paper money disappear…

    • Yes, you are correct. It is sad and I agree with your worries for the near future. I guess we hang on, think positive and as best we can, go with the flow. Thank you for your comments and sharing your time to write them. I think time is the most valuable commodity of all right now, so I am appreciative, Penny

  9. Aw! It’s close and dear to my heart too. But if the penny is from copper, you’re from gold! It’s adorable you have a connection to it with your name though, very cute.

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