The Reasons to be Brave …


Life can be so darn hard! Some days are … well … just about impossible to get through aren’t they?

Really, really tough ones, when you don’t think you can make it.

This is when we need to remember why.

The Why About This is what I do best after all.

So let me remind you the reasons to be brave. Just a few, but I think they cover most things!













All of us




charlotte uptown_7579749672_l


And one more thing, if you’re really having trouble … then reach out …


…You are never alone. We are in this life together. It is a truth.

Open your heart and your mind. Let love come in and you will see all of us who care. We are here waiting.

There will be a helping hand if you need it. There are hundreds of millions of us out there, waiting to be there for you! Believe, love, let go of fear and hate and reach out!

~ Penny


32 thoughts on “The Reasons to be Brave …

  1. How does a stranger from across the world say ‘I understood’, ‘This has applied to me’, and most of all ‘Am glad I can say this on this forum’ . . .?

    • Hello Eha my friend, a pleasure to meet you here and I am glad to meet you. “There are no strangers in life only friends we haven’t met yet!” Much love to you this day, Penny

    • Thanks LuAnn, it is true, there is always someone waiting to help when we can’t be quite as brave as we need to be on our own. Easy to forget that! And some days we do need that extra help! πŸ™‚

  2. I cried when I saw this. After one of the most difficult days of my life so far – one that has had me saying “what did I do? Where have I gone wrong? What could I have done?” and using three phones at once trying to contact people all over the place, talking to two people at the same time then having to race out of the door and having to go to three different places before I could finally sit down and bury my head, wishing for this week to start again so I could change it

    Then I see this and it’s like … this is why you didn’t read it earlier … you need to go through this first. Thank you Penny for what must be the (for me) the best timed post ever. Thank you.

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