Eyes wide Open – Mind wide Shut!


As you go through each day

how much are you missing?

I mean really!


Right now, stop reading my post.


Doesn’t matter where you are. At home, at work, in a car.

Doesn’t matter if you’re with people or alone.

Just take a good look around.

Look at each object your eye encounters,

or person if there are other people where you are.


Now … ask yourself this

If there are others where you are:

Am I connected with them?

Do we touch each other?

Do we care about each others lives?

Do these other people really have any place at all in my own life?

And if they do am I communicating and connecting and sharing.

or are they just a part of the noise of the day that I respond to.


And what about “things”. The almighty “stuff” of life. gadgets, furnishings,The latest, newest and most innovative stuff. Is this what is important to you? And if it is …

… Why?

As you go through life I know you have hopes and dreams.

Disappointments and fears.

But is any of the “stuff” you’ve accumulated making a difference

for what is inside of you.


How can you get what you really feel you need

when you’re going through life

with …

“Eyes wide open and mind wide shut”.

Take a few minutes right now and contemplate

the time you spend on things that really don’t achieve the purpose

of making you come alive.


That which helps you feel needed, wanted, loved,

cared for.

Right now,

Do something about it.

Make those changes in your life.

It’s not hard.

See what you haven’t been seeing.


And then

Make a difference.

For you and all those that you didn’t really notice before.

They’ll notice you if you pay attention to them.

Yes they will,

with their previous wide open eyes and closed minds.


Go for it,

Your move!



Thank you,

~ Penny


36 thoughts on “Eyes wide Open – Mind wide Shut!

  1. Connecting with other people is harder if we don’t know how to fully connect to ourselves; we can’t expect to be loved if we don’t love ourselves, we can’t be good listeners on a conversation if we don’t listen the needs of our soul. We take what we give and the disconnection happens when we actually give nothing.

  2. Grounding. Can be done anywhere. I’ve done it behind the wheel, feeling the subtle texture of the leather; the safe firmness of the wheel. Suddenly I’m not fighting traffic anymore, I’m just part of an equally frustrated humanity trying to get to their their loves, their challenges, dealing with their problems, our sadness, our dreams.

    Behind your very helpful message is a clear, expressive writing style and a voice that suggests that you know what you are talking about and are trustworthy.

    • Thank you Mike. I am flattered by your kind words. Just visited your blog. Most impressive. Yes, life’s experiences have taught me a few things, Hopefully of some value that I can pass along. Once again most sincerely, my thanks. Penny

  3. Eyes open, mind open, listening & paying attention – Trying to be aware of my surroundings – because you never know what magic or smiles will come from what’s around you.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Exellent Penny ~ so much to see if we just let ourselves…. and are open to feeling the feelings. This was a wonderful reminder for us all ~ make the connection… so worth it. Hope you are doing well sweet friend… I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster ~ yesterday was best day yet – and today a bit flop… slow gains I think… interesting work – all very much about neuromuscualr control… making muscles turn on and off using brain focus rather than forced exertion. Pretty amazing -almost like doing magic tricks… staying hopeful.. Sending Lots of Love to you bestest best πŸ™‚ ~ xo Robyn

    • Thank you so much Robyn! Still crazy in my world, for a few more weeks anyway. I am so happy for your yesterday, sorry for your today (I think it’s now your yesterday agh!!!!, anyway you know what I’m referring to) It sounds fascinating (not the discomfort) but the brain focus and it makes sense. I can see why the next day might be down – sort of a recovery mode. Yes stay hopeful, I will too (for you) my dearest friend, All my love and energy πŸ™‚ xxoo Penny

    • Start with the heart, then the mind and finally the soul (that waits ever so patiently for us to pay attention to it’s important messages)! Thank you, very much your words are so very true! xx

  5. Great post here Penny. So many people over look the small things in life that truly make us happy. Too many people are concerned with what they don’t have, and the wants in life. They turn a want into a need. But they don’t realize when they get the material items, all it did was fill a void and they are still not happy.

    • They do Amber. We all do. Most of us don’t mean too, we’re just so caught up in the everything of everything, but like you I think there are enough to start making a few changes by reaching out and touching peoples lives and hearts, as we can. Little differences that can add up day by day! My hope anyway, much love, Penny xx

  6. Well, I noticed something I never noticed before today. I decided to go to a different area and take my photos and look around to see if I could see anything worth photographing and I did.

    As for now. Kids are with their mother this weekend, and although I had my nephew last night, I am alone with the cats tonight.

    I have kept my eyes open since I have been doing my photo of the day. It has allowed me to see things that I never noticed before.

    Although I have been keeping my mind closed for protection for a couple of years, it is open more now. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for another great post.

  7. AnElephantCant always keep his eyes open
    And sometimes he knows his mind is wide shut
    But he does have enough
    Material things and stuff
    He just likes a few more peanuts

    Very valid point, Penny, well made as always.

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