This is just a terrific audio. A collaboration with Christina Brownlee, and My Pretzel Logic! His poetry is amazing and when read by Christina it’s perfect. For those who love a great cup of coffee surrounded with the stirring emotions of the angst of romance, please listen and enjoy (for those who know my story, yes I do have bragging rights on this one!) 🙂

My Pretzel Logic

“From where I sit, I can still see your teaspoon stop mid-stir, thin wisps of steam rising from your mug – your Holy Grail – and then you’re gone. You never said so much as a goodbye or thanks. You just went ahead, choking on either the teaspoonful of cappuccino or the bitter words that came out of our mouths.” — The Caffeine Chronicles

THE FOLLOWING audio clip is my second collaboration with fabulous Christina Brownlee. Once more, thank you, Christina!  Tempest in My Coffee Cup, like all my other works, was written from a masculine perspective. Having it in sound bites and in feminine POV has given the piece a fresh new meaning. The character that swarmed then settled deep inside my head long ago is now gone.  In its place is someone who may not exactly share my thoughts, my particular fears, my place in the world…

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