Me … tagging and a Challenge to Bloggers!

tag_your_it_xlargeSo my lovely friend Gys over at her blog in France “tagged” me. Me … who is notorious for not being very good with following up tags and awards and things!! This time I decided I would participate. I know, surprised me too. , First order of business – check out her blog! You’ll be glad you did! She and her posts are a delight to the eyes and the mind. And now for the TAG of it all!


Tag Rules:

1 – Post these rules.
2 – Post a picture of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

You guys certainly know my photos but here’s a new one taken last week! And no comments on my messy office, Please!

Penny’s random factoids:

  • According to anyone who has known me for awhiledon’t make her mad!” Whatever that’sSnapshot_20130219_2 supposed to mean?
  • I’m a natural blonde, always have been. Scandinavian you know!
  • I have no tolerance for intolerance chew on that one for awhile!
  • I’m a “nature” girl. Not into artificial anything!
  • I’m currently waiting for my fav. Canadian sci-fi writer Julie Czerneda’s next book! Most impatiently I might add, as it’s a follow-up to her first series Web Shifters” 
  • Whenever I’m upset or worried I tend to … take it to the kitchen (yes, oblique reference intended you Godfather fans) and make something. Oh, okay I make FUDGE alright … happy now?

  • My favorite animal I ever knew was a big German Sheperd name “Ruke”. A trained protection animal who lived with me and ended up being my “best friend” for quite awhile! You animal lovers know what I mean!
  • I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches! Hey it’s better than peanut butter and pickles!
  • A very special friend in my life, is fighting for her life (Intensive Chemo) right now. She’s a blogger. If you have the time I would be most appreciative if you’d visit and follow Roxi . Her photography, her written words, her posts, her blog all are awesome !  Thank you for those of you who do!
  • I think bloggers are the greatest people. EVER!
  • Last week I was given an assignment by a Publisher to write a book, YAY!!!!!! More on that later, I promise!


3 – Answer “eleven” questions that are given to you in the position of the tag. 

  1. If you were offered a meeting out of the ordinary, what would it be? The leaders of the Planet. I know but you gotta try, right?

  2. What do you find attractive on WordPress? Ease of posting and commenting. Is this contact?  Yes, close up and personal interactions. What do you learn? Many flavors of our rich humanity. Specify. We share ourselves with each other, a most excellent thing!

  3. For what reason did you first start your blog? To be creative and explore life.

  4. Do you like your readers when they enjoy your work? Love ’em!

  5. If nobody leaves you comments or one’s that are indifferent or other does it bother you? Sometimes, but then I remember we all have our own individual thoughts, ideas and opinions, as we should, so I try to understand and learn from this.

  6. In your relationships with others, are you listening or do you prefer to be listened to? Both, always!

  7. If you were offered a trip, where would you go? Everywhere! Hey the whole planet fascinates me!

  8. Do you have any hobbies? If yes, which ones? Lots! Kayaking, nature walkabouts, reading, drawing, painting, writing, photography, Loopweaving (working creatively with yarn), collecting elephant figurines, Listening to music, watching videos, etc ~ Living life stuff.

  9. What is your favorite animal? All that live!

  10. What event has most influenced your life? Being born, lol, sorry Gys couldn’t help myself!

  11. If you are allowed to have a second life, who would you be? Me!

q and a

4 – Create new questions and tag eleven new people to meet them.

My questions for you are:

  1. If you could influence anyone on the planet in a positive way, who would it be?

  2. What would you say to this person?

  3. And why?

  4. When you find yourself looking up at the clouds and you then you just keep looking at them, Why?

  5. When you find yourself looking up at the stars on a clear night and then you just keep looking at them, Why?

  6. What is the single most important thing in the world to you (the first thing that comes to mind right now!)?

  7. What do you feel (Think positive here, no negative answers please or … see Penny’s first random factoid above!) … you share the best … with other bloggers?

  8. What does the word “Love” mean to you? Hey no one said they had to be easy questions!

  9. If you could remove from everyone’s memory (on the planet) one word and it’s meaning, what would it be?

  10. Why do you blog? Come on I mean really why?

  11. Why do you think we have and need friends, my friend?

youAnd the lucky recipients are: YOU!

Can I email all of you? No! Twitter all of you? No. Time is the problem here. So I’m seriously breaking rule 5 which is: Go to their blog / twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

However I will say that for those of you who decide to be … tagged, Consider this a challenge! Even if you’ve been tagged recently. From me to you! Just let me know! I will be most interested in reading, liking, tweeting, linking, and sharing with as many as I can.

You are all special to me, singling only a few out just wasn’t in the picture! Again thank you, this was a lengthy one wasn’t it!

~ Penny

25 thoughts on “Me … tagging and a Challenge to Bloggers!

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    • Thanks Padmini, my friend. Nonfiction book. I was asked to write a self-help, inspirational and motivational book for adult women that would help as a guide for them to be healthy (body and mind) while they go through their many responsibilities and goals in today’s world (based on my own personal experiences as both a wife, and then a single mom, career professional, and life’s various adventures that I’ve experienced). Glad it’s an easy one, lol! I am flattered that a publisher would contact me and give me the assignment though. Will take up a part of my day for awhile. Wish me luck!
      Yes isn’t Roxi an amazing person. Her beautiful words and photography pale beside the beauty of her heart and soul.

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  4. Love your picture on this post – Penny just chillin’
    Nice getting to know you more & more with each of your posts. You are a wonderful person!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  5. Asalways, you have taken pains to make this post valuable and interesting all together. My prayers for your friend in chemo. That’s a tough one, I know. Take care!

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  7. How wonderful to have you back! Congrats on the assignment too. I would like to take this challenge but will have to wait a day so that I have time to dedicate to it. I love learning about people so this is perfect. thank you my dear friend love and hugs (((xx)))

    • Thank you len. Yes now I’ll be splitting my time again to write in several areas. Should be interesting to say the least. I look forward to reading your answers my friend, love and hugs to you, muchly! ox

  8. I tagged by Gys as well. So I’ll take your tag too. I find your questions interesting. 🙂

    I went back to my first blog post the other day. My VERY first one. It was August 2004. So nine years this year and this last year has been the best for me in blogging. I have interacted with some truly magnificent people and only unfollowed one. Although I have a few that have unfollowed me. Oh well, each to their own, we can’t all be liked by everybody. Everybody rubs someone up the wrong way.

    I do love no tolerance for intolerance. I do know what you mean though. You don’t like intolerant people. People who won’t listen to both sides of an argument or something like that. There are, after all, ALWAYS two sides to a story.

    Nice to see another post from you though Penny

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