Share yourself … I’m listening


Open multimedia ~ closed communication?

Sharing is something so simple and easy to define and yet it get’s harder and harder in today’s society to share our true selves with others in the real world. Doesn’t it?

I think blogging has made it easier for many people around the world to take those things buried in their hearts and minds and more fully express themselves – to share again.

Today there are so many small bits of information that we receive everyday from all sources that it is impossible, yes even with Facebook, Twitter, texting and other Social media to effectively share our own true feelings, our individual nature’s way of presenting concerns, worries, hopes, desires, dreams.

But we are human and we do need each other, at the most fundamental of levels.You know that. You do!

Today and going forward. Don’t circumvent your thoughts, words and actions with others.

So share.  I’m listening and I think, so are you!



If I share, or do I dare? Would you care?

If I give, will you sieve … through life’s blind-sighted world in which we live.

… And see me

… And feel me

… Understand me

… And share with me.


I need to know! So I can grow!

I need to share, regardless where.

Please receive and believe!

That I care when I share!

~ P. L. Howe, 2013

Thanks for stopping by have a great day and a better tomorrow,

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe


36 thoughts on “Share yourself … I’m listening

  1. It is so true and so well communicated as always in the beautiful poem. Strength through vulnerability by sharing is a beautiful thing.

    • Thank you RoSy. And you always brighten my day with your words and positive attitude. Thank you my friend for being you! Something I am most appreciating of! hugs, 🙂 xox

  2. Very true, I find through the blogs people are mor open and share feelings and post them and it is beautiful to read, and sometimes you don’t feel so alone with a problem you think you have. Fantastic post Penny, big hug!

  3. Sharing is caring. Bearing your heart, sometimes your soul, with hopes that someone somewhere in time will read them and be touched in the process. Each of us have unique talents that are gifted to others through the written word…words of encouragement, words of enlightenment, words of humor and even sometimes words of sorrow. It is through those words that one may find the will to go on or perhaps a path to forgiveness when all hope seems to be lost.

  4. hey
    great to see you back!
    i’m home after a wild road trip, and before that two days w/o power here in the country. ah, it’s nice to be home and nice to have power. will catch up soon, but wow, it’s great to see you back on wordpress! z

    • Thanks, I envy you the road trip and am sorry about the power outage, yes I agree home indeed a wondrous place to be. Thank you very much it is great to be back! 🙂

  5. Beautifully written and very true. I admit to sharing more of my self this way than I would have in real life. I would’ve never shared my poetry or anything like that otherwise. This venue is a good place to ‘test the waters’ so to speak. I love your sharings… your poetry… and I love the sharings of our fellow bloggers. I’ve learned so much about myself and others because of it. Great post!

    • Thank you Jen. It is truly how I feel. And as other bloggers stop by and add their own personal comments, as you have, It makes me feel well just great. I also have learned so much from other bloggers also. Thanks again, Penny xx

  6. A great post here Penny. Wonderful poem. I concur that we all need to share. We need to let things out. Blogging is a great way to do that. I’m noticing more bloggers taking the serious route, letting out feelings and emotions. It’s great to see how other bloggers, are growing and evolving and expressing more and more of the real them. Blogging has definately helped me grow and become more comfortable sharing.

    • I so agree with all you say Amber. Sharing, supporting, loving, learning, growing inside and out, and being creative too, doesn’t get any better than that my friend! 🙂 much love xo

  7. Now that you’ve sparked my consciousness about this I’m wondering if we actually know our fellow bloggers better than our friends. Poets in particular are revealing more of their true selves here than a friend normally would during a night on the town or at a concert, party, movie etc. This is all the more reason to express ourselves here among like-minded people who can have a better idea of where we’re coming from. I have felt this connection in my blog interactions with others (others that a dictionary would classify as strangers just because we’ve never met). As you correctly point out, this fills a human need in me for giving and for the understanding of others. It is an important part of my social activity – more important than I thought until you pointed it out to me.

    I echo the poem that I didn’t have the thoughts or words to express as you have and thank you for sharing them with me today.

    • Hi Mike, the points you make I think are valid ones. I’m guessing I could write an entire thesis on the nature of “our” type of people. Artisans, the creators, those that spark that ignite others, but we’ve a shyness to direct exposure often times. Brave but not necessarily wanting to put ourselves forward either. And at the same time feeling the need to do so. Enter blogging, at least today’s blogging experience. It is rich and getting richer with each passing day. As each of us adds to the mix, and feel more comfortable in the doing of same, it is becoming an excellent thing isn’t it? Thank you for your well thought out, written and very caring thoughts. And your lovely compliment.

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