Hope is …

_DSC1864 … ethereal, when one thinks about it.

Seemingly delicate, perhaps fragile at times.

~ Hope

And yet these four little letters perform such a big task.

Hope is believing things will improve, will somehow work out …

 … when there doesn’t seem to be any reason to.

Hope, it’s the “stuff” of impossibilities, dreams, and miracles.

It’s that special something that makes everyday people into their own heroes.

All this Strength from such a gentle little word!


A good word to know and feel and most of all … to trust in.

Hope is the quintessential word

to share …

to project …

to believe …

in order to not just survive – but thrive!


Thanks for visiting me, I hope your tomorrow is an excellent one.



24 thoughts on “Hope is …

  1. Thanks Penny!
    Hope is a great thing to always hang onto.
    When all else seems to fail – hope is always there to keep you going…
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to find that thin thread… something to hold onto. Hope is the only thing you can rely on in the end anyway… especially when there’s no one or nothing else there with you.

    • I agree Roxi, in my past I’ve had moments when ill, alone and raising my little ones that I would hug myself, rock back and forth and cry til I was out of tears, fearful that I’d have to go back to the hospital and not be there for them. And then, as you said, a thin thread, a “something” would present itself and I would hope again that this too would pass … and it did. I learned from those lessons Roxi. None of us is really alone, not ever, even if it may seem that way sometimes, in the hardest/darkest of times. Hope is the sustainer in life I believe. Penny xo

    • ?? Roxi hold hope close to you dear. You hang on tight and don’t you give up or I’ll kick your butt my friend! Call me please??

  3. Good message there Penny. The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it and in my line of work, I witness it every day. Our friend Roxi along with those who are going through what she is, needs to have hope and determination. I’m sorry to admit that the field of medicine is not perfect by a long shot, and without hope, well the prognosis can be quite grim at times. I like to think of hope as being the the physician of each misery.


    • Hi Rich! Thank you. Yes indeed I agree. Hope, the intangible, can weave “mutable miracles” throughout our body.Thanks for stopping by, I count on you to take good care of “Our Roxi”, As I am confident you shall! 🙂

  4. Love this post! A four letter word we need to thrive. Wonderful.

    The image of the droplets hanging seemingly tenuously, in a display of fragility, yet responding to immutable physical laws, is a beautiful reminder that the unlikely is not impossible. Thank You Penny.

    • Hi Emmy, It seems this morning (my morning), your late afternoon I believe, I am getting to answer wonderfully enriching comments by my artisan peers. I thank you. Like you I felt a harmonious type of symmetry between the droplets and our hopes in the first photo, and yet the enduring strength in the second. Again my thanks to you for your lovely words.

  5. Hope is the essence of the Faith we carry in our hearts and the light in the strife we look up to.
    I have been reading your exquisite work for a while and getting inspired. Thank you for all these amazing shares.
    Regards 🙂

    • Thank you for your generous words. As you know a creative individual (being one yourself) creates as they can, but they/we need the occasional reminders of our peers to let us know we’re getting it right. So again I say thanks, a great comment for me to wake up to in the morning Mary!

  6. Hope is the word that can change a life. It can change anything. Hope is eternal. Hope is the word that make a huge difference.

    Thank you Penny for giving us hope

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