One true step at a time!

The greatest gift we receive in life is … life.

Then the day arrives when we come face to face with danger, the unknown, loss of a loved one, disease, – the scariest things in life.

We become so overwhelmed by fear that we can forget to be brave, forget we are not alone, forget we can overcome and forget … yes, forget that we are loved and all is possible … one step at a time.

For each of you facing your fears, here is a gentle and loving reminder,


“In life all is possible ~ one true step at a time.” Penny L Howe, 2013

~ Penny


22 thoughts on “One true step at a time!

    • Paulette, so sweet you are. It is my hope, nay my most sincere wish that this post can encourage and strengthen those who need that extra helping hand right now. Thank you for your kindness, Penny xx

    • Leslie, we are kindred. Hope can be illusive (a slippery little devil) and sometimes others can help us hold onto our hope. I am always there to help you hold on to yours my dear friend.

  1. Faced with illness, we can not forget what happens, and we know certainly moments of fear. Courage is something else entirely. Can be brave and have fears. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My feelings on bravery is that being brave doesnโ€™t mean you arenโ€™t scared. Being brave means doing something even though you are scared….

    Thank you for the post dearest Penny. xxxooo

  3. When my dad was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and we were told that there was no cure, that he less than a tear left, each of us shut down in our own way. Even though we were there to clean up after dad, we closed off to everyone and everything. When we were told he had the option of trialling a new drug, it was .. it was like we had realised what we had done. That there were other people outside of each of our worlds. We had already started to “mourn” him. He went for the trial and there was him and four others. When we heard the other three had died, that was it. There was nothing we could do. It’s odd, it was not long after that when I lost my faith, and yet we were given a miracle. Dad was cured … not just put into remission … but completely .. utterly .. totally cured. Not a trace left in him. It was at that time that my mum regained her faith.

    We felt alone, we felt that we were the only ones who knew what we were going through. But we weren’t and we .. we have been through so much more than that since, only those times … and the times to come .. we have known and will know .. that we are not alone. We have friends. We have loved ones. Even God.

    Sorry I went off on a tangent then.

    • Tangent received, welcome and appreciated. Alastair, don’t ever apologize for sharing the miracle of life and believing. Don’t ever apologize for recognizing that as mortals we all have our moments of fears that can drag us down. It’s the getting back up, those small steps to keep going that count. Life is not easy. But it is life, the good, the bad and the incredibly hard, Sharing, giving, loving, believing (sometimes in the unbelievable) empowers all of us to do the impossible my very dear and special friend, much love, Penny

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