Not strangers to each other ~ Not Really!


Hi ~

During the last few months (A very mild winter this year in SE Washington.) I have taken many “nature walks” in several parks located by a magnificent river. One can walk for miles. The parks abound with numerous trees, birds and all manner of wildlife! (No, not the bear, lol – I just like his friendly smile and wave “hello”!)

As you can see, the park is lovely!

As you can see, the park is lovely!


During my walks one of the unexpected happenings was the numerous greetings of “hello” and “hi” by other walkers strolling, jogging, passing by. Some couples, some with young children in tow and some solo. They came in all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and ages.

And yes, the walks were also shared with feathered friends, although their hello was more like a "honk"!

And yes, the walks were also shared with feathered friends, although their hello was more like a “honk”!


It was wonderful. People I didn’t know, enjoying the same view as I and wanting to connect through the universal greeting of “hello“. A stranger saying hello to another stranger.Β Is it nature’s setting? Does leisure imply “more open”? Is there a mela fluidity with our senses that can be missing in other places?

A busy city

A busy city


Why does this not happen when one walks down a busy city street or a shopping mall? The pace is, of necessity, different and hectic. And the people are certainly in greater numbers as they go about their business.

Is there a disconnect that happens, and how long is it there for? How long do we stay “closed” and distant from those around us in the artificial environment of a city structure? Of an industrial/technological society?

So many people, together yet separated from one another.


Well as for me, regardless of where you live and who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it, I’d like to say a great big huge, gigantic …


Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,


~ Penny

33 thoughts on “Not strangers to each other ~ Not Really!

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  2. This unfortunately doesn’t just occur in big cities. I had the same reaction when we were in So Cal and I would take walks along the beach or on the path above the bluff and send greetings out to each person I passed. Most wore a shocked expression that someone they didn’t know would be speaking to them. Rather sad, isn’t it?

  3. Well Penny I love to walk in the city and greet people .. the reactions one gets are priceless.. some even stop and stare as though you have just escaped from the loony ward… I tried it in New York when we visited there a while back now.. but stopped quickly… every one wanted to know what funny accent I had and where was I from… I at least got a good reaction there….

  4. AnElephantCant ever stop strolling
    Parks and rivers help him to feel mellow
    He talks to Teddy Bears if he chooses
    He makes friends with the gooses
    And to Penny he sends this mammoth HELLO

  5. One has to wonder why it is easy to say ‘hello’ when one is at leisure, in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere… but saying ‘hello’ during chaos and stress may make more of an impact that many people realize. In my line of work as an engineer, I deal primarily with escalated cases where I AM their last resort to getting an issue resolved. I have found that I am more effective by taking the initiative and demonstrating regard for them and for their frustrations. Once that’s accomplished, I have found the issue at hand is much more manageable. Happy client = happy Roxi = issue resolved. Great post my dear friend Penny. xxxooo

    • Thank you Roxi, what extremely wise advice from one who knows! An excellent approach to take in the work environment, there would be more happy faces too! Much love, xoxo


    What a glorious park. I agree, even in my little town, my gateway to the continent, it is still so busy that people ignore each other. Or it could be just that I have spent so long with my head down I never noticed. In the last few months I have been walking with my head up, I try smiling at people who who do attempt eye contact, and on the rare occasion I am treated with a smile back – which warms my heart. But most of the time, it is only in the parks that people will smile and talk. Or near the river which is slightly off the main road. Normally it is when I have my camera out. I have recently attempted small talk while waiting for a bus, or in line at a shop. Usually with old people who can’t run away when this weirdo starts yammering haha. I do think that occasionally people should slow down, smell the roses, smile, say hello.

    This is my smile to you Penny :mrgreen:

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