A new word for bloggers – Melafluidity!

Human emotions. They can be strong can’t they? Then add to these emotions a talented voice (artistic medium) you get a powerful and moving experience.

Celine Dion lost her father 10 years ago. On the occasion of this video, a live performance, she was in a country far from home. Prior to singing this song she had been speaking to the hostess, a personal friend of hers, about the closeness she always shared with her dad (always her biggest fan). She then took to the stage and sang.

This is a singular rare performance because this incredible songstress is putting every single bit of the loss for her father into her voice. She is clearly almost overcome with emotions but her voice comes out strong, clear and true. I call her singing this song in the manner that she did, along with the viewers sharing both the music and the depth of emotions with her. – Melafluidity*!

Her husband is there for her right after she finishes her song and her friend explains to the audience why Celine was so emotional. An amazing woman, with strong loving emotions!


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*Melafluidity – A new word. The (evolving) exchange of blended thoughts,emotions and artistic expressions, as people experiment and share with others on a global technological platform. “We are reaching out to each other  – Increasing and enriching our interactions with one another online. Our creative format and connections grow with each passing day!” Penny L Howe, 2013


20 thoughts on “A new word for bloggers – Melafluidity!

  1. AnElephantCant help being impressed
    Penny speaks clearly there’s no need to translate her
    And what he likes most
    Though he’s not one to boast
    AnElephant is also a neo-verbo-creator

    Great post!

  2. I recently wrote about my father on my blog. Celine takes the heart strings. She has been, and will always be one of my fav artists. Great post here. Emotional yet true for many of us.

  3. Excellent! Emotions are so key to the act of creation… music, painting, writing… what I feel is what gives my art that individual uniqueness. Lovely piece! Thanks Penny!

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