The Lion Laughs tonight!

So for all of those who remember my Rock Humor , here’s some Lion humor, also at the expense of us humans!


“Hey here’s a new joke about ‘humans’ I heard the other day your just gonna love it!”

“Okay, I’m Listening.”

“What do you get if you have every human line up, one behind the other until they stretched out around the planet?”

“A human belt? I don’t know I give up! What?”

“The Greatest Smörgåsbord Ever!”


Hope I brought a little laughter to you today, thanks for stopping by,

penny l howe

~ Penny

25 thoughts on “The Lion Laughs tonight!

  1. I think they’d love it better if the whole world was covered from ear to ear and head to toe in sardines – the outside of it that is!!!!!!! Cos deep down, in their heart of hearts, we’re really too cuddly to be considered “din dins”. Cats are just beautiful!!!! I always love their hearts cos they really know how to LOVE. Big cats, little cats – THEY”RE CATS and they’re CUTE!!!

    • I agree completely with you! This was me being silly about us humans and the amazing wonderful lions and their ability to hang in there in spite of all we’ve done to their land and their kind. I love all animals, definitely have a leaning towards cats however! Thanks for your great comments! 🙂

      • Cheers Penny, it’s nice to see more cat-lovers out there! – especially those that really show a heart for conserving their habitat and their well-being. Yr blog is packed full of really nice piccies and some very interesting info no doubt – thanks for that.

    • Thanks Wendy, my animal and rock jokes give me the wonderful ability to make fun and laugh at all of us. It is refreshing to be able to poke fun at everyone and I’m sure the lions would find it amusing if they did understand it! Highly amusing actually, lol! 🙂 xx

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