Life’s bridges … our connections to others!


Are life’s bridges that we build (or that someone has built for us) of the durable kind, or do we take shortcuts in the building of them?

Do we use them and then move on? Be careful, the connections we make with others during our living years are as the ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean, but our personal bridges are an integral part of our living network of communication and support in the real world.

Structural Integrity is a term used to imply the safety and strength of a bridge used for vehicles and people to cross over. Maintaining them makes common sense. The same is true for us.

Is there a structural integrity to your personal life’s bridges? If not, shore them up, make them durable. One never knows when you may pass a certain way again and need a bridge you’d long forgotten and hence discover it is no longer available to you – when you find you need it most.

This video with the song “burning bridges” I picked deliberately. It’s a great movie that does illustrate the stupid insanity of Wars and the leaders who promote them. The words of the song, well they speak for themselves!


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13 thoughts on “Life’s bridges … our connections to others!

  1. Bridges are those liminal spaces like thresholds and windowsills, not quite here and not there yet. Yes they need care and maintenance. Nice, thoughtful post Penny.

  2. Unfortunately I have burnt a lot of bridges in my time. It’s something I did accidentally. I do try now not to.

    I have built more bridges that I have no intention of burning though. Whether they are burnt for me or not is a different matter though. I do like the song and I haven’t seen Kelly’s Heroes for years.

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