Love is for embracing Life!

Live and share your love!

There are no set requirements for loving another. Just simply love and share yourself! Young, old, big or little, distant or close, love connects all of us to each other … If we let it!


“Love is for embracing life … Live and share your love!”Β – Penny L Howe, 2013


thank you,


39 thoughts on “Love is for embracing Life!

  1. I am a little late with this sister dear, but I loved the post with the bachelor buttons. It so brought back many wonderful memories collecting wildflowers with you. Love you lots. Jeannette

    • Never late, sister mine, Thank you. A wildflower – such a simple little thing to hold so many wonderful memories of our childhood. I remember too. I love you with all my heart, your sister, Penny

    • Thank you dearest Roxi, A hug award sounds cool, you know the hug-of-it-all, sort of thing! And the meaning of the acronym makes it so much better. Most special thanks for thinking of me for this Award. Much love, Penny xo

  2. I enjoyed this, not usually my thing but something resonates with me. I’ve been on the good music all day, there must be something to this snow in March business after all…. Another fine and inspiring post anyways and if anyone asks I was not here, I was taking a break from blogging…..

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