How to find your own self-worth!

file0001282635185How do we determine our value or self-worth?

There appear to be a wide variety of systems in place today, along with achievement markers for “qualifying” things; grade scores, evaluations etc.

But what measuring tool do we use to decide this for ourselves?

Think carefully here because this is the attitude you bring when deciding whether or not to “go for it” in life, you know … doyourself something new or challenging!

Do you believe in yourself?

Are your feelings about yourself based on someone else’s assessment (someone else’s negative attitude – because of their own failures or jealousy).

Have you been told what you can’t do, so many times, that you’ve decided there is probably no point in trying because you’ll fail anyway, like always … sound familiar?

Okay so here’s the point – when doubting ourselves, regardless of the reason why, we then proceed to worry ourselves into panic attacks, negative attitudes and pretty much live up to what in reality was a false assessment – not a true one at all.

And that’s the Why about this!

The What to do about this follows:

  1. Stop thinking about all the reasons “You” can’t do or be something. That’s just “the worry of things” having it’s way. And it doesn’t accomplish anything positive either.

  2. Reassess your own personal feelings about yourself and your worth. You, not someone else!

  3. Start learning to trust your own instincts more. They’re patiently waiting for you to listen to them.

  4. Go “do” things. You’ll make more mistakes, guaranteed. BUT you will also be learning what to do right in the process. It’s called trial and error, (btw – it’s worked for every single famous person who ever succeeded!)

  5. Remind yourself of your unique way of viewing life. You own personal attitude about the Why About You! 

The most important one to believe in is of course yourself.




The famous author, Laurell K Hamilton was told by the head of a creative writing program (that she was kicked out of) in college that she’d never make it as a writer and that she was a corrupting influence on the other students. It crushed Laurell. She didn’t write again for several years.

After a series of successful books, when asked why she didn’t send her books to this teacher to show her what a success she had become Ms. Hamilton replied (these are her words):

“No, because she didn’t believe I couldn’t succeed as a writer, she feared I could! She feared I would go out and do exactly what I have done…”


And that’s that, sums things up nicely I think, have a nice day, take care of you and believe in you too!

~ Penny


29 thoughts on “How to find your own self-worth!

  1. Very true ~ so much is about the fear of how successful we can be — if we just allow it to happen.
    Once we let go of that — it’s incredible what our potential really is. This was wonderful dearest beloved friend ~ xo RL

  2. You will not see me on skates again – You will never see me on the ice -rink again.
    Well – I haven’t been on skates for years (that 1st & last time I was like a fish on ice).
    This weekend – I didn’t put on skates – but – I did go on the ice-rink. My daughter’s hockey team won the championship for their division. I was so excited that when I went to take pictures – I didn’t realize I was on the ice. What does that say?
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. I believe in me, and have all my life… I have still had failures, but seen them as a lesson in life not to be made again, which I suppose in a way is an achievement…

    • I like your attitude! And yes definitely an achievement Bulldog, actually a pretty huge one, as I have seen so many repeat the same errors in their life again and again, never learning, sigh! But I stay hopeful still!

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