Hidden … from Life or … To be Alive


Hidden from Life

… I expect nothing.

Hidden from others

… I miss nothing.

Hidden from demands

… I do nothing.

Hidden from Caring

… I give nothing.

Hidden from love

… I am nothing!



To be Alive

I know

only that which is so.

To give freely from the heart one must sow.

To love freely from the heart one must grow.

Cultivate friendships,

Nourish relationships,

Living – a matter of heartfelt appreciation,

Not just some technological application!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you for stopping by,


~ Penny

42 thoughts on “Hidden … from Life or … To be Alive

  1. Showing, as you do, in your inimitable way, the follies of a life hidden away. I have to say that the stark contrast was very affecting, the first POV is one which I would readily go for usually but the wisdom of the second and the wonderful words which it expounds move me greatly. Simple yet powerful.

  2. You are more than nothing my friend.

    Great post, but remember … you have friends. You will never be nothing. You are something to everyone. You are an inspiration. You are more than that. You are loved, Penny. Always remember that.


  3. Okay Penny, for some reason I was compelled to come back and re-read this a couple of more times… I have to say this is by far my favorite of your posts. So, before I wear out my welcome here, I’m off to bed now. LOL xxxooo

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