“And we danced …” Līgo Haībun Challenge

The  Līgo Haībun prompt for this week is “And we danced …”.

Please click on the preceding link for more information. This is a wonderful opportunity for writers to improve and enhance their personal writing skills! My offering follows.

Reaching for the stars

goodreads“What was humanity thinking? What are we even doing here?” He thought, realizing he’d spoken aloud when she replied.

“I don’t know? Improving our lot in life, I suppose.” She leaned back against the crater wall.

Sitting next to her on the surface of the moon beneath the shadow cast by the overhanging crater, he looked out over the moon’s dry and lifeless terrain.

He glanced up at the great cosmic darkness sparkling with trillions of stars while here they safely sat, encased in an invisible shell. Scientific technology had come far. He sighed, a heavy sigh of uncertainty.

“What are you thinking now, dearest one?”

“What do we do next?” He replied turning his head to gaze into her soft brown eyes filled with so much love.

She smiled, a gentle little playful smile, so adored by him from the moment of their first meeting. She rose and held her hand out to him.

…we dance!”

Their bodies swayed in fluid motion together, moving to the rhythm of their universal souls.

(We are the searchers of our futures. We are the seekers of our tomorrows. We are the dreamers of our possibilities. We are of the planet Earth.)

dance for the future

beckoning stars await us

our past stepping stones


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