The Ripple effect – How to succeed in life!

ripple effect

The Ripple Effect – Creating your own waves of Success


The shortest self-help guide ever!

Have you ever thrown a rock into a body of water (of course you have) and watched the ripple effect that happens afterwards? You watch the water rippling wave after wave, spreading further as it travels outward. It’s the science of the thing.

Did you know the same thing happens in Life! Your life.Yes it does.

negative ripples

negative attitude – negative ripples


Imagine yourself as the fulcrum of the ripple –“the rock”!Β (No not the actor/wrestler!) So then something negative happens and you dwell on it (rock dropping here). Then you begin to think negative thoughts and splash (ripple effect). You negatively affect yourself and everything you do, and then those around you, and they – those around them, and so forth and so on. You know this is true.

And that’s the point. The ripple effect is going to work regardless.

So why not let the ripple effect work for you instead of against you. Seems logical.

Just imagine if you take that really great idea you have of what you want to do or be (a published writer perhaps). Start focusing all your attention on that. You’re the rock – remember?Β Keep “this” particular image centermost in your focus. The greater the focus on your desired goal, the greater the ripple effect. Each strong creative wave will beget another and another.

Ripple Effect - An Attitude of Success

The Ripple Effect of a Positive Attitude


Here’s the important part: When the ripple effect starts (your ideas, hopes, dreams, goals), stay in control of the flow of the ripple. Leave no room for doubt. Maintain your belief in yourself and your dream. Never give up, be persistent, persevere. The longer you maintain this attitude the further out the ripples will spread.

You will then be exactly like the rock producing the ripples. Hard and firm in your conviction to succeed. And the ripples being produced by you will go on and on, leading you to your success.

Remember it’s science and it works! Make it work for you. Start today!


Thanks for reading,


~ Penny

34 thoughts on “The Ripple effect – How to succeed in life!

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  2. I love this post as it’s something I try to be at all times… positive… Linda’s cancer tried to be positive all the time… the last 15 months while we’ve been stranded, no income while the program has been encoded… stayed positive… and now I hope those ripples that bounce back off objects will be there to see us through the next few months so that the positivity will remain with us… loved this post…

  3. Hi Penny, I have a friend who proves this theory. She,originally from France but living and teaching in Hong Kong visited NYC in September with stops in Vancouver and here in Montreal. Well she fell in love with NYC and by January handed in her resignation and decided to get a job in NYC. There were several hints this would happen as photos of NY were popping left and right. She was in love. Now, we know this to be no easy task but she sent out the message on FB and asked for light and universal goodwill and went to work sending out emails, resumes, connecting everywhere she could. Dom kept us posted as to her progress, always receiving messages of support in return and never ever took her eye off her goal. As of 2 weeks ago she landed a job and is in the process of dispersing some of her belongings. Her will, determination and trust in the Universe along with her fearless spirit made it happen. Last I saw she was giving away her books outside of her apartment in exchange for one ‘word’ and was collecting the words in order to write a poem to a man she has fallen in love with. It is not just a fairytale but a destiny that she made happen through the ripple effect you speak of. If anyone would like to meet her – here is her book give-away link and story. I am so heartened by her success.

    • I did go and check her out, Lesley! What an excellent success story, talk about a positive ripple effect. Love this, thank you for sharing my dear friend, love and hugs to you, Penny πŸ™‚ xo

  4. It’s been so hard for me to stay positive these past few years. I’ve essentially been unemployed since October 2010 – the worst time to lose a job – and have found only contracts jobs since. My parents’ health has been fragile during this time also. I’ve never been in such a funk. My writing and my dog are the only elements in my life that really make me happy right now.

    • I do understand Alejandro having myself gone through personal and major life altering experiences. So overwhelmed, during those times, I wasn’t sure I could or wanted to make it through the day. It’s so hard during these times. I am glad you have your dog and your (most excellent) writing. Keep writing and believing things will get better ~ A friend whom you may not know but one who does understand and cares, Penny

  5. Negative ripple effect. You wake up cranky. You snap at your husband/children. Your husband/children snap back. They kick the dog. The dog bites the postman. The postman snaps at his boss. He loses his job.
    Positive ripple effect. You wake up and instead of grumbling, “Good Lord, it’s morning already”, you say, “Good morning Lord.” You kiss your husband/children. They pat the dog as they leave for work/school. The dog wags his tail at the postman. The postman smiles at all his ‘clients’, the old lady down the road gives him a glass of cold water. He doesn’t snap at his boss and lose his job. He goes home and kisses his wife and children – all because you woke up with a song in your heart. Okay, so it’s a bit far fetched…maybe πŸ™‚

  6. It’s like that with choices. Every choice we make creates a ripple effect on our lives as well as on the lives of others. The choices we have made throughout life determine where we are and what we are becoming. We hold that rock in our hands and ultimately decide if that ripple will work for us or against us. Great message Penny, as always my friend. xxoo

    • Thank you, yes our mood does hugely affect others. Even though some times it can be hard to maintain that positive energy, it is worth the extra effort! πŸ™‚

    • Well I certainly hope not, lol! One of the things I’ve always admired about you Alastair is your ability to encourage others with your blog. You’re very very well thought of in the blogging world. It’s that positive energy you send out that makes the difference. That’s the kind of ripple effect I’m speaking of. People come to your site and whether it’s something creative you’ve written, or a beautiful photograph you’ve taken or some excellent music or just your pleasing and caring personality with a few well chosen words, you brighten the day for so many. Nice ripple effect my friend! πŸ™‚ xx

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