Human Insecurity – Self correcting your self-doubt!

So where does one start?


Have you noticed that self-doubt is insidious, creeping in to infect you with an overwhelming sense of insecurity. And like an infection, once it has a good hold on you it can be hard to combat.

cultivateA few thoughts to consider as you gear up your personal armor to fight the disease of “Self Doubt”!

Cultivate the Compliments your receive.Β Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you receive an honest compliment from someone about something you’ve accomplished. Great feeling isn’t? You can’t help it, you just feel better about everything, including yourself (self-doubt retreats a little during those moments doesn’t it?) – Compliment in return. Look for people and things to be sincerely complimentary about. Like the ripple effect, it spreads and it also rebounds back to you in a positive way.

Approach the Issue (A lack of faith in yourself), from an outsider’s perspective. Be rational. By its very nature, making a judgement is usually an emotional call, a biased opinion, and most often incorrect when the one you’re judging is yourself.

Take yourself “out” of yourself. You are at theΒ center of “the sphere of your own influence”!

share and care

Take yourself out of the sphere and then … influence others to increase their own self confidence. After all you know the symptoms of self doubt yourself. Who better to help those who also need a positive influence.

Go after your own personal “Self-worth” with determination! It’s inside you waiting to be discovered, explored, and celebrated. And how do you do that? By

  1. Cultivating the Compliments you receive.
  2. Approaching the Issue (A lack of faith in yourself), from an outsider’s perspective.
  3. Taking yourselfΒ “out” of yourself!
  4. Believing in “YOU”, after all …

… I do, why shouldn’t you?

self-seal of approval

Seal of self – approval

~ Penny


46 thoughts on “Human Insecurity – Self correcting your self-doubt!

  1. You may not know this for, I have never said it, however I can’t discount the possibility as you are so perceptive but I always enjoy taking in your words and trying them out for size…I think this post resonates with so many people especially these days. I think chatting to all these wonderful WordPressers certainly helps with the self doubt I had about a lot of things.

    • I agree with you here SteJ. I think bloggers in the blogging world are increasingly aware and grateful for our relationships with one another. And how this interaction is so encouraging for each of us as we strive towards our own creative goals. πŸ™‚

  2. Very thoughtful ! And i believe what you wrote here is and will be a source of inspiration as it was for me. To help someone erase self-doubt is not a job, its an honor and kudos to you for doing that !
    Great post !

  3. Really like this post and agree with you Penny. Self-doubt is corrosive, it just eats away at you and leaves you struggling to feel true joy and fulfillment. I saw a comment above – your words and advice are always encouraging Penny and valuable. I really think we all need to contribute to helping people feel better, not just ‘the professionals.’ Nice work Penny πŸ™‚

  4. That sounds kinda’ tricky Penny. Especially because as much as I love myself – I can also be my worst enemy. Will keep trying though.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

    • Yes I know that one well RoSy. It is any interesting mixture to contend with on any given day. That’s where the removing yourself from the center of your own “sphere of influence” comes in handy. We (mommys) do it naturally when we are nurturing and educating our children. I think the key here is to remind ourselves that we (our emotional well being) is as important to us, as the love of our children is! and I know you will keep trying, you are after all … YOU! πŸ™‚ xo

  5. That’s probably what ails a lot of our teenagers these days. They have no self-confidence, no self-esteem and mostly it’s because they never receive any affirmation and it’s been happening from the time they were little children.

  6. Penny, very clearly stated without all the jargon and fluff! Too often darkness looms when we only need to look within ourselves for the light, pat our self on the back and smile with our own seal of approval.

  7. So true. Being conscious of your thoughts and how you are feeling as you identify what you are thinking about. If it is bad self talk, knock it off. Meditation is also wonderful for getting centered again.

  8. I think your post is very well Penny, but against I think it’s the role of a psychologist or psychiatrist to help people who are sick. Honestly I think it is dangerous for us and for the other to play the role that requires a certain specialty. This is just my point of view πŸ™‚

    • I do appreciate your viewpoint Gys. I was a licensed psychologist in Tampa, Florida for awhile after school (many years ago). It turned out to not be the career of my choice. And life has taken me in many directions since then. I apply my current experience with my previous knowledge to gently and positively assist people – as I can my friend! πŸ™‚

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  10. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is not so easy. I know it should be. When I have these feelings, I tend to see everything as something to get me down and ignore anything else. I will reply to people with one or two words only.

    I do know that my counsellor did tell me to try something once. I only just remembered this as a result of your post. I was going to put it as a comment, but I think I will create it as a post instead and link it back to you.

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