Do you run towards life …

or from it?

running from life

A simple question with a not so simple answer. There are easy days and then there are the hard ones. Some of us run in the hopes that the scarier aspects of life won’t overtake us. Some of us run because we’re sure if we run fast enough we’ll make it. Some of us are afraid to stop … and some of us are afraid to start.

(the film quality isn’t the best of this YouTube video – but the content is!)


At the very heart of who we are is the desire to succeed in our endeavors. The thing is we can only make it in life – if we are moving forward. For those of us who have decided the whole prospect seems too overwhelming.

there is a third option ~ try running along with life.

Go with the flow, one day at a time.

Works for me, maybe you too!

~ Penny


48 thoughts on “Do you run towards life …

  1. Have found this “go with the flow” is the best option for me Penny~ Excellent post – reminding all of us that life is not supposed to be about “pushing against” anything, but dancing to the tune of ‘what is’ ~ So much Love and Affection my dearest friend! ~ Robyn

    • Yes Robyn, pushing has it’s place, like with a sticking door, or perhaps a gentle nudge, but too frequently the bar gets set too high and something meant to be constructive becomes corrosive instead. You are correct. There is a natural flow, and I’ve discovered that sometimes an accepting “what is” can turn into a potential and pleasant “what if”! All my love bbf, xoxo

  2. Thanks Penny for making me think, we often run away from the life we truly want, but we must embrace it and like you say ” go with the flow” we must accept the good and the bad to truly live.

    good post πŸ˜‰

  3. Can I do a fast walk, not sure if I have the capacity for much more until I start easing myself, very slowly into jogging again. I like the flow at the moment, I will try and keep up.

    • Running, a good thing, walking also a good thing, sitting down for too long, definitely not a good thing for any of us in this online world of today (well, if you’re reading a book that’s a different story of course).

          • I shall point you out as a bad example when the doctor asks why I would try reading and walking. An app? I have to wind my battery powered phone up, perhaps i should walk into the 21st century sometime.

            • My kindle has audio, but it sounds like an electronic droid speaking and since it’s easy for me to “go to” that place (sci-fi) anyway, it’s slightly uncomfortable. I do occasionally purchase an actual “professional audio” of a book I love and must say that is most enjoyable and spendy unfortunately! 😦

              • I have never really known the delights of an audiobook, apart from Genesis of the Daleks, that was on eight cassettes back in the day! There is to much to distract me, I may just sit less and read faster, that may be the way. I can muse on the words as I walk danger free then.

                These Kindles are getting a bit magical these days, although in a retro kind of way. ….

        • Hope your limp get’s better by Spring. Wow snow, maybe the last one before it warms up for you. A garden sounds wonderful, Alice. I love the whole process. (grew up on a farm). Trying to finish a book a publisher asked me to write. So working on that one. It’s exciting to be asked of course, but until the draft is done and approved all bets are off, and it’s a nonfiction (I do have more background there), but really want to try my hand at writing more fiction. So cross your fingers for me, and take care of you! xx

  4. Maybe we run to get away from something
    Maybe we run to look for somewhere to hide.
    Maybe we run to chase something we can’t have.
    Maybe we run to be in the arms of a loved one
    Maybe we run to show that we are better than others
    Maybe we run to be the best that we can
    Maybe we run to prove that can’t be beaten
    Maybe we run to try and capture our dreams
    Maybe we run … just because we can

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